Thursday, June 28, 2007

Idiot knitting.

I needed some idiot knitting. Something that I didn’t have to think about, or follow a chart, or use or not use a cable needle, and something that wasn’t hot to carry.

So – I cast on a Clapotis. I had 5 skeins of Koigu, wasn’t going to knit the poncho it was for (yes – me too, I don’t know why I had a momentary loss of sanity). So this Koigu in bright pinks, purples, wines and a little bit of black are being knit, rather rapidly I might add. I cast it on yesterday and I am almost to skein two. (I wonder if these will be the colors that were picked out for me. We shall see).

We all need idiot knitting. Something to work on because heaven forbid that we not knit. But rather something that we don’t have to think much about. Some people knit socks. I get bored easily with socks, so I always look for idiot knitting in other types of projects.

Hey – have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance? Man, these kids are great. I always wanted to be a dancer – took ballet for 18 years, and look what I am doing now. Ha Ha.

99.5 the Mountain just finished playing some Beatles songs, always a good choice to put you in a good mood.

Well, today starts the beginning of the increase in heat. I guess we will get to 100 on Monday. But the gorgeous blue sky is back, and I could see the mountains. Can’t argue with that!

Enjoy your day.

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