Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy weekend.

How was your weekend? Mine was really busy, but it was a good busy. Friday night we went to the Rockies game. It was the first game of the series against the Diamondbacks and they really needed to win. But they didn't. We had a good time though, had club seats and enjoyed the fireworks afterward. I thought the Rockies playoff hopes were dashed, but they won the next 2 games, DH went on Saturday night, and now they play a one game playoff tomorrow for the wild card, AND WE HAVE TICKETS! I am so excited. I'll be picking up the boys early from school tomorrow to make the 5:37 game time. GO ROCKIES!!!

Then on Saturday, I went here: Lonesome Stone Alpaca farm. Leanne, Sharon and I went on a bus trip up to Gramby with about 48 others, on a trip sponsored by A Knitted Peace. The alpacas were so cute and soft. They had been shorn on June 1, so their coats were only about an inch and a half thick.

The babies were so adorable. There was this little grey baby, you can barely see him by the fence in the picture, that was so cute. He was only about 2 weeks old.

Of course I bought some yarn. Some for a shawl, some for a sweater and some for mittens. I didn't need it, just wanted it.

The company was great on the trip - and Sharon had flasks with Baileys in one and vanilla vodka in the other. We also had munchies on the bus, and lunch at the farm. A good time was had by all.

Today we went to Daniels Park for a picnic and to let the boys explore. Here's me knitting. That's a wheel of unspun Icelandic wool I'm using. I'm casting on a shawl, with 421 stitches on size 9s. You have to be extremely careful not to pull too hard on the yarn, because it is basically like roving and easily pulls apart. I found the yarn when I started organizing the yarn room which is a WRECK! I bought new tubs to put yarn in, but have a long way to go in organizing.

Well, back to the yarn room for a while. Beautiful night here in God's country. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not a bad weekend

There was football. First there were the Saturday college games, and thank goodness the Gators won. They weren't looking that good, and I had my doubts, but they managed to pull off a win against Ole Miss. But there were repercussions and they dropped in the polls to #4. Still early in the season.

Then there was flag football. The oldest plays in a 7 year old league, and the team is quite good. Saturday was the first time they were scored against, but they still managed to win 34-7. The oldest grabbed flags twice and was quarterback twice, so he was happy, and I was happy for him.

There was a lot of knitting time this weekend, while watching football, baseball and at String Saturday morning. Speaking of baseball, the Rockies have been AWESOME, sweeping the Padres and making a last ditch effort to get the wild card slot. I managed to get us tickets to Friday night's game against Arizona and to make it better, there will be fireworks. Knitting, baseball, hot dogs, beer and fireworks with my 3 favorite boys and the Rockies. Can't wait!

Knitting - let's see, there was progress on Lady Eleanor, I'm almost done with ball 5 of 13. But, for some reason this is not proving to be a popular class so far. Maybe if I can get it in the shop soon, people will realize how pretty this is. My camera did not capture the colors very well.

I managed to get up to the Black Water Abbey open house today. I saw old friends - Marilyn, Judy, Debbie from Castle Rock, and ran into a new friend Christie. I did buy some yarn. I had a gift certificate that I managed to finally use, and I bought yarn for a sweater for DH - a beautiful cabled pattern and the yarn is the brown called Jacob.

The peach yarn is for me, for a one button cardigan. This will go in the stash for a while, along with DH's, for knitting when I get a lot of other projects completed. I also bought some yarn for gloves that I will be knitting on 00 or 0000 needles, a project that will involve concentration on my part. I think winter will be soon enough to start the gloves. The sweater underneath is another BWA project for DH that I am trying to get done for his birthday next month.

I am going on A Knitted Peace's Alpaca farm trip on Saturday with my friend Sharon. We should have fun. Oh - and I signed up for 2008's A Year of Lace. I wasn't going to, but when I saw that Sivia Harding was one of the designers, I changed my mind. Have you see this?

Well, it's going to be a nice, cool night, fall is in the air. I don't think I'll be getting too many more tomatoes this year. Have a good one!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh I wish...

I wish that I could retire today. I would do it. I would turn in my paperwork, tell them to kiss my royal -ss and walk out the door. Have you every been that angry? So angry that it makes your hands shake and you can't stop thinking about why you are so angry? That's where I am right now. And I got a bloody nose, probably from all the pent up steam in my head!

You see, I got up at 2:30AM this morning, couldn't get back to sleep and left at 4AM to go to the airport to catch my flight to Kansas City. While I was in Overland Park, Kansas, my husband called and told me he had to respond to something in a far off area of Wyoming (he didn't arrive there until 3PM, so that's how far away it was). He told his boss I was out of town for the day. His boss told him that he and I should have contingency plans for the kids if this happened. I was frickin livid! How dare he make any comment about me or what plans I have in place for my kids. I was in a another state and he sends my husband to another state. We work for the same agency, in the same building. Needless to say, I am livid!!! The guys with me in Kansas rushed me to the airport (flying low down the highway I might add) and got me there so I could catch an earlier flight. So I am home, royally pissed off, but I will be picking up my children from school, DH's boss can go do whatever. But I don't want to go to work ever again. Oh, and I got in trouble from my boss for daring to tell DH's boss that if he had any questions about my contingency plans for my kids and that I was on Division requested business, he could call me. So it just gets better and better. And my boss thought I should apologize to the jerk. That my friends is NEVER going to happen!!!!

Okay - I did knit on the plane, and I don't think the gauge was too tight because of pissed off knitting. I am on ball 4 of 13 balls for Lady Eleanor. The colors are so pretty, like fall (that's right think about yarn and maybe you won't be so pissed off....) Pretty yarn, pretty yarn, pretty yarn......

Socks - not happy with ones I've cast on lately. Maybe I am too picky. I'm just not sure. I am certainly not a sock machine like some knitters. I have too many 1/2 pairs started. Who knows how many pairs of 24 inch size zeros and ones I have socks started on. Oh, I'm thinking that's a lot of money invested in small Addis. Speaking of needles, I ordered my Harmony needles from Knit Picks. Too pretty.

Time to get the boys. Contingency plans - bite me!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Did you watch the Rockies game last night? It was the bottom of the 9th, I think there were 2 outs, Matt Holliday was on base and Todd Helton was up to bat. The Rockies were down by 1. Helton hit a beauty of a homer, a 2 run homer that won the game. What was so great was as he was rounding third, the whole team was waiting for him at home plate. He threw off his batting helmet and took a leap into his team. The look on his face was one of pure, unadulterated joy. It was something to see. And the crowd gave him a standing ovation and stayed in the stadium for quite a while even though the game was over. It was one of those moments that just made you grin, and Helton has been such a part of the Rockies for the past 10 years. Great night!

I did some knitting and some ripping last night. Didn't like the socks that I put up, so off the needles they came and up went the waterlily socks. Though I did dump the bag of small crystal beads off the bed and onto the carpet, which made for lots of fun picking them up! So far so good on the socks, put then I am only on row 6 of the beaded ribbing.

I have a one day trip to Kansas City tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the knitting time on the plane. Although the 6:45AM flight time is a killer!

Well, too much work is calling my name. It's a beautiful day here. Enjoy yours.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A day off..

It's raining outside, and very grey. I don't mind it because I have alot of knitting to do and laundry. I'm off from work today because I have to go to the dentist and the orthodontist. It's a good day to be off. When I'm at work on a grey, rainy day, all I can think about is being at home and knitting, or reading, or sleeping. Yes, it's a good day to be home.

I did get some organinzing done. Those shows on HGTV always make me want to get organized, but then when I see how much time it takes, I lose interest. Though, the top of the dresser in the yarn room got organized this morning and now you can see some of my lamb collection (which was previously under piles of yarn). I did find the Darn Pretty Needles yesterday and they are back in the double point case. I think if I can put 10 things away a day I should be organized in say, 2 years.

Knitting today - let's see, the Kauni Shawl will be worked on, Lady Eleanor, and other WIPs yet to be determined. I want to make some good progress today. Bye!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football, Finished Objects and Free Time.

A little FO. This Debbie Bliss was finished during the Florida-Tennessee game yesterday. Which the Gators won by the way! It took me 5 hours of finishing time. Unbelievable. The hardest was getting the sleeves sewn in. I did try to give this to the intended recipient after the game, but they weren't there when I stopped by at 5:15PM. Can you see A B C?

Here's a little yarn porn. I am not starting either of these right now, because except for class projects, I have to finish 2 WIPs before starting a new one.

I had some needle porn to show you too, but I don't know where the Darn Pretty Needles are. Maybe I left them at work.

I have so much to do today. Laundry, bills, organizing, and knitting. I can knit and do the bills watching football, excellent use of my time. I have some class projects to finish, September's socks to cast on, other WIP's and I need to check the little son's Dale to see where I am (not very far I am sure) and get some rows on it. I am going to try Intarsia in the round on this sweater, because I don't want to do duplicate stitch as the pattern calls for (there is a dragon on the front). I read a tutorial on this technique, but I am sure it is going to be interesting trying to figure it out.

I just thought of something, the needles might be with a Kauni shawl that I didn't see while I was yarn organizing. Hmm, I will be looking for that.

Enjoy the day, it's a beauty out there!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Things are just not running on all cylinders this morning. I feel like I’m swimming through sludge, and getting no where. I’m on my second diet soda and its only 7:15AM. Maybe it’s because its hump day, maybe it’s because it’s not really fall yet. We were treated to some nice cool weather, but summer is not done with us yet and it’s back up into the 80’s today. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a huge headache and I’m tired. All I know is that I’m swimming through sludge.

I did knit on the train, and I don’t think there are errors. I’m knitting the 2 sleeves of the gift at the same time, and I’m thinking I only have 19 rows to go on each. I’m looking at the yarn though, and I have the 2 balls that are currently in play, but I don’t think that there is enough on them to complete each sleeve, so the last unused skein will have to be worked from both ends. I hate that when it happens. It’s usually when you are so close to finishing and the last thing you want is another end to weave in. Oh well, there are many worse things in life than 2 more ends to weave in.

I’ve got startitis, and I don’t know why. I surely do not need to buy any yarn for the next decade, and I want DH’s sweater done in quick order. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I want to look at another color. That could be it. I’m working with solids right now, brown for one WIP and green for the other, though I did put up a pair of socks last week which would give my eyes some pretty colors to look at. You know, that just may be it. I can’t wait to get up in the mountains and see the Aspens in their fall glory. I think I need a full assault on the senses of autumn in its splendor here in God’s Country. I’m thinking DH better be prepared to go for a drive – because the girl’s got to knit while she’s enjoying the scenery.

It might be time for soda #3. Boy, it’s going to be a long day. Ladies – you better be able to knit at lunch!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall is here, I think...

Okay, fall is trying his darnest to arrive here in Colorado. Right now it is 42 degrees outside, which I really don't mind at all. For me, this summer had way too many very hot days. I like about a 72 degree day, you don't need a sweater, you can wear shorts, and you are not cold. Yes, I think 72 is my favorite summer temperature.

But fall is trying to arrive. There is one tree that the kids and I call "the push past" tree - the one that always has to be first. (I have to yell at the boys on occasion to not push past people, because it is rude, just because they "have to be first!") Anyway, this tree is always the first to change it's colors, and it is the same type of tree as 20 or so others that line the street as we turn into our subdivision. And it is now bright red, so it's the herald of fall.

So I'm knitting on DH's Black Water Abbey Aran because now I can stand the heat of it on my lap as I knit on the bus and train to work. It's the Red Rocks pattern, named for Colorado's beautiful Red Rocks, so it's fitting that I am knitting this for my Colorado Native DH. Though I am still getting crap from him regarding the fact that I have never knit him a sweater (okay let's qualify that because I probably have 5 or so up on needles that he does not know about, let's say "completed" a sweater) so this will be finished this year, before his October birthday and then I can say "shut up" about a sweater, or you can forget about getting any socks knit for you wise guy.

Well, I need to get to work. There is a beautiful blue sky out there. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some hits, some misses, and a whole lot of frustration..

Okay, to begin with there will be no pictures with this post, partly because I'm in an irritable mood, and partly due to the fact I don't feel like taking a picture.

First - let's talk about tomatoes. I have waited ALL SUMMER long for the beefstakes. And now they are ripe, and now they HAVE BUGS!!!!! Each one has a hole in it! I am not happy, no not one bit!

This weekend was a bust. I went to the Rockies game Friday, which I love doing, but due to events beyond my control - it was more of a babysitting chore for me, and a partying with his buds night for DH. I did let him have it, and told him I had given up Girl's Night Out to go to this game with him, and that I didn't care that he got to meet Pete Coors, and he did bring me 2 big cups of private brew pilsner that the public does not get to drink, the fact remained that the kids were dumped with me (although the boys and I and a neighbor boy made it on the park TV twice for our outstanding dancing techniques), the fact remained I was not given a private tour of the Coor's Field Brewery like every other adult in our party (6 others). What a load of crap. The beer was good though!

A highlight of Saturday was that the Gators won, though they looked like dog crap during the entire second half, which gives me worries about the Tennessee game next Saturday.

The little one was sick all day Saturday and had a fever again when I checked an hour ago. That kid threw up so much yesterday and had a fever all day. I felt so bad for him. I slept with him last night, holding his hand, trying to make him feel better. He might be going to the doctor's tomorrow.

Lot's of knitting this weekend, not all of it is making me happy. I did finish the front and the back of the gift, which is not a Rowan (found out when I checked the book this AM) but rather a Debbie Bliss. I cast on both sleeves, so I am hoping to get them done soon. But I don't feel like working on it.

I dug an old WIP out of the yarn room, a sweater for DH. I shouldn't work on it since he has been such a butt, but it's a Black Water Abbey and I am in the mood for a cabled aran with today's change in the weather. And- if this gets done he can NEVERRRRRRRR give me crap again about not knitting him a sweater. That damn sweater (the other DH sweater, over 10 years old one with the pattern error) can sit in the stash for ten more years and he can't say one word. Okay, I'm knitting on the aran.

I want catfish from NoNos but with the little one feeling crappy, I am tied to the house. I have washed every item of fabric in his room today, I think I am on laundry load #10.

The older son had a scrimmage today. He has such an intense football coach who would make them play every day if he could, and these are 2nd graders. But they won their game yesterday, and they are 2-0. Hmm.

I missed knitting with the Girls today because I was at the scrimmage and DH was with the little one. I wanted to go knit, and I was told the place was cute, and the company I am sure was great. Leanne you were supposed to let them know for me that I wasn't coming girlfriend!

Oh well, I guess I'm back to knitting, and laundry and other sundry tasks. Bye from the grouch.

Monday, September 03, 2007

September already?

Where did the summer go? It seemed like yesterday that the outdoor pools around here opened, and now they will be closing next weekend. Must be all the traveling I did this summer that made me completely lose track of time. The beefsteak tomatoes are starting to turn red - hurry up before we get the first frost! My roses are looking good, and I am now planning to put in numerous bulbs in the front for a glorious spring display.

I did finish August with a FO. Hanging Gardens is done and blocked. Although I found out that I had broken a bead (they are glass) and had to sew one on (I dare you to find which one!)

However, September is starting with too much to get knit. I worked on Lady Eleanor this weekend, and Icarus from the Best of Interweave Knits went up on needles yesterday morning while everyone in the house was asleep but me. I will be teaching this shawl later this year. I worked on my Melissa coat, and a Cheryl Oberle shawl. I need to finish the Rowan gift, and there are other things that need to be worked on. These are all from the stash. But I did buy yarn for a sweater - more about that when I cast it on.

And the mailman brought fun things. I received my darn pretty needles from England and some mother of pearl seahorse stitch markers. Wooly Wonka fibers sent me some hand dyed lace weight for Anne's Honeybee stole, and Red Bird Knits sent me a Bird Foot kit that I have been drooling over. And I have new books too. What fun it is to open up what my kids call "it's just yarn for mom."

One more day of a lovely 4 day weekend and then back to reality. I hope your day is wonderful!