Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still here...

Before I forget, books read since December 15th, 2009:
25. Oolong Dead by Laura Childs
26. Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich
27. A Body to Die For by G.A. McKevett
28. Wicked Craving by G.A. McKevett
29. Death Swatch by Laura Childs

Boy it's been a while. Funny how time flies when the boys are not in school and I am playing cruise director, trying to keep them busy and not bored. But, they went back to school on Friday, so it's time to get back into some semblance of a routine.

I am still going to physical therapy for the shoulder. Some things don't hurt as much, but the main complaint is still there along with the pain. I go back to the orthopedist at the end of the month so we shall see.

The garden is doing well. I have harvested tomatoes and green beans so far. I have tassels on the corn so now I am looking for the ears to grow. I have plenty of flowers on the squash, eggplant and pumpkin plants, but alas nothing forming from the flowers. We shall see.

Knitting, hmm. Nothing finished and not much to show for my efforts. I have been working on a linen skirt, but I am not sure of the size I am knitting. I have knit with this linen before, but the skirt looks too big, so now it is hibernating until I figure out what I want to do. I may knit up a swatch and wash it, which I have done before. I just don't know. I'm thinking I'm going to cast on some socks while I think this one over. I have some sweaters in progress but it's been so warm lately that it's hard to sit with a wool sweater on your lap. I'm ready for fall so I can knit what I want.

Well, not a very exciting post, but that's all I have for now.....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shoulder It

I guess I never really thought about how much you use your shoulders. Of course I have heard about baseball players throwing out their shoulders, and I dated a guy MANY years ago that had his baseball career ended in college due to shoulder problems (he was a pitcher) and have had friends tear their rotator cuffs, but I never really gave it much thought.

Until mine started to hurt. And I lost range of motion. So I had x-rays and have seen my doctor and am now going to an orthopedist next week. And what is going through my mind? This had better not interfere with my knitting. After all, it's my right shoulder, and I'm right handed. But I knit continental and I'm a left hand thrower (I know, it's weird, but that's how I knit). I'm thinking I may be okay with whatever happens.

Knitting wise, one sleeve is done on the Tangled Yoke and ready to be attached and knitted with the yoke, and the other is pretty close. I am ready to get to the interesting cabling on the yoke, because I for one and really bored with the stockinette. I also cast on a pair of of Tyrolean Stockings this past weekend. I am almost done with the leg of the first one. Worsted weight on 3mm. Pretty stiff right now, I am interested to see how they soften up after washing.

Gardening, well I have harvested 2 fingerling tomatoes. First veggies of the season. The garden tarp has come in quite handy and so far has gone up three times in the past month. Thank goodness we put it up on the 4th of July because we had hail ranging in size from nickle to quarter size. And nothing got shredded in the vegetable garden (we won't talk about my roses or my hosta).

Reading, well I have a couple books that I am reading, but nothing finished to report today. Enjoy your week!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Already?

Oh my, July 1st already. Half of the year is past. Whoa, how did that happen?

Before I forget to post this, books read since December 15th, 2009:
22. Casting off by Nicole R. Dickson
23. Frill Kill by Laura Childs
24. Sweater Quest, my year of knitting dangerously by Adrienne Martini

Okay, so what have I been up to? For one, baseball and more baseball. The boys are on summer break and with both of them playing ball, we have at least two practices a week and up to four games a week. Now, I am not complaining, because can we just say PRIME KNITTING TIME? I have been working on three sweaters, my Acer cardigan, my Tangled Yoke cardigan and my Bohus. And throw in there my Par 5 socks, which I have finished and kitchnered one toe. Seriously, I have had those socks finished for a couple of weeks, so what is the deal with kitchnering the toes? Maybe tonight I'll get the other one done and cast on a new pair. That way I can start something new, and not the new sweater that I bought yarn for this week.

The new sweater, honestly I wasn't planning on buying any new yarn. The boys have been at Vacation Bible School this week at a friend's church (since ours held VBS at night which doesn't work with baseball practice) and I had a doctor's appointment near the church and needed to kill about an hour and a half. So, I thought Knitty Cat is nearby, let's stop in and look around since I haven't been in there in ages. Oh boy, she's now carrying Amy Butler fabrics (which I was good about and didn't purchase, although if she would have had Anna Maria Horner I think I would have gotten into trouble). Well, I picked up a Jean Moss pattern book and ended up purchasing Araucania Ranco for a sweater and the coolest buttons which look as if they were made for this sweater. I haven't cast it on, yet....

Gardening - well the corn is actually looking good and may hit knee high by 4th of July. I also have tomatoes and jalapenos on the plants. ALTHOUGH, I have aphids. I am not happy. They are on the tomato plants and I am using the dish soap and water method to go after them. I don't know who is winning yet, but the 2 pots on the deck which look the worst have new aphid free growth. The battle is on, and I am determined to beat these bastards.

I went to the Estes Park Wool Festival. The boys had 2 baseball games that Saturday which were canceled due to the heavy rains we were having. So, I decided to hop in the car and drive myself up to Estes. So I plugged in the Ipod and drove. I believe the only time it didn't rain was when I was going out to the car with the drum carder I purchased. Thank goodness for that reprieve, a wet drum carder would not have been good. I was on a mission to buy a fleece and ended up buying two - a Jacob fleece to knit a sweater for my son and a CVM. I debated processing the fleeces myself, but ended up shipping them to Morro Fleece Works to have them made into pin drafted roving. I'll spin them when I feel my skills are at the level I want. DH did give me crap about buying a drum carder and not processing the fleeces. Imagine that.

I am going to do the Tour d Fleece this year and my only goal is to spin every day and work on my skills. I am still frustrated and hoping for this beautiful handspun that friends of mine produce, but they have been spinning for years. I need to have patience....

Well, that's it for now. Happy July everyone!