Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm blaming it on Stacey!

This one is not my fault. I was sitting at the computer. Working on my Lacy Skirt with Bows (Leanne and Cathy - this is probably when I knit one whole repeat too many), reading blogs, and then I read Sheep in the City. And what did Stacey post? That Colorful Yarns had Dream in Color Classy in stock. What? That stopped me dead in my row. In stock, with "lots" of yarn still there? I wonder if they have that tomato red color, hmm? Or the sage green color. Oh no. Oh this is bad. And Stacey brought up the February Lady Sweater that I have been looking at and looking at, and is in my Ravelry queue. Crap, I don't need more yarn. I have projects to finish before going to Knitting Camp in three weeks. Don't go there!

Now, did I go? Of course. There was the yarn siren calling, or screaming at me to get the hell over there before others realized the yarn was in stock. And there were only 2 tomato reds. Bummer. But, there were four Spring Tickles that had my name all over them. And three funky buttons to make the sweater pop. And this sweater happened to jump on my needles last night.

It's all Stacey's fault!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have been tagged

My partner in knitting crime, another enabler extraordinaire, Joanne tagged me with a meme so I need to answer these five questions:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was working in San Francisco. I had just graduated from Law School, got married the next weekend, and immediately started studying for the July California Bar Exam. Working full time and trying to cram lots of law in my brain!

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?
(1) I have three court appearances
(2) Work on my Lacy Skirt with Bows
(3) Take youngest son to baseball practice
(4) Do laundry and bills
(5) Post this meme on my blog

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Almond M&Ms, Yogurt covered raisins

4. Places I have lived:
West Allis and South Milwaukee, WI; Plantation, Gainesville and Hollywood, FL; Memphis, TN; Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Martinez, CA; Highlands Ranch, CO

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Take my knitting friends on Jean Frost's Gardens and Mills tour in the UK; become a Bull Gator; donate a huge amount to my church; start a scholarship for working women going back to school; donate to charities supporting breast cancer, juvenile diabetes, allergies, take my dad and mom to the Kentucky Derby, these are just a start.

The rules say I have to tag five people now. The people I'm tagging are Leanne, Cathy, Judy, Diane, and Tim. I wonder what they were doing 10 years ago?

Have a great day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kathy and Cathy

What did you do last night? This (not so great) picture is Cathy and Kathy at Coors Field. We took in the Rockies-Mets game and I have to say, had a marvelous time. I introduced her to garlic fries, which she swears must have crack in them because they are so addictive. We screamed, we high fived, did some dancing, she wore her new Matt Holliday jersey, and the Rockies won. And they scored seven or more runs for the cheap Tacos at Taco Bell, which my family took advantage of today.

Went to Castlewood Canyon today and went exploring through the Canyon with DH and the boys. Here's a picture of us near the ruins of the Castlewood Dam which broke in August 1933 and caused the second worst flood in Denver's history. We had fun hiking along Cherry Creek near the ruins seeing the ecologically unique Black Forest region of Colorado.

What's on the needles, working on my Lacy Skirt with Bows, and trying to figure out what I will attempt to finish for knitting camp. Decisions - Decisions. Too many nice projects and less than a month to go.
I am going to Stitches East this fall, and looks like I will be going with my friend Joanne in February to Stitches West to celebrate a major milestone with her. Fun, fun.
Well, things need to be done, the weekend is almost over. Enjoy what is left of it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Here's DH and the boys at the spillway at Evergreen Lake. We went up there after church and had a nice time walking around the lake and then going into town to get pizza and ice cream. A nice relaxing afternoon with the boys to celebrate Father's Day.

What's on my needles? Well, I was busy going to my sons' ball games yesterday and couldn't attend any World Wide Knit in Public events, but as usual I was knitting in public. I cast on the Lacy Skirt with Bows from Greetings from Knit Cafe, in the hope that it will be one of the items I will manage to get done before Knitting Camp next month. If I can knit this skirt in a week, I may be on track. I have a sweater I would also like to knit, but I might be pushing trying to get that done too, along with 3 other projects that need to be finished. (I know, I know, way too optimistic!)

I am waiting for my new roses to start putting out new growth. If they are going to make it, I should see some progress this week. The others are starting to flower, and as long as the wind doesn't beat them to death and break them, they look beautiful.

Well, here's hoping this week will be a good one. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What have you been up to?

Baseball, baseball and more baseball. That's where we were yesterday. Started off yesterday morning when son #1 had his first game of the season in his first kid pitch game. And this proud mama is happy to boast that he had an RBI and scored a run! I'm smiling just thinking about it. Then right after lunch we were off to son #2's game. He is in coach pitch ball, where all the kids still get to bat in each rotation, and he got up there and as we tell him to do "hit the dog snot off of the ball."
Then, Saturday night, DH and I went to the Rockies game. Perfect weather for a ballgame, not too hot, in fact I needed my fleece because of the breeze. That's me working on a Rockie purple cashmere stole at the game, which of course the Rockies won. Can we finally see a change for their season? Let's hope so!
I'm working on projects that I want to finish this summer, especially those I want to bring to knitting camp. I have one really calling my name right now, a sweater in the stash that I am going to pull out and look at today. I really think it is in the infancy stage, and I have other things that I really want to get done before winging my way off to Wisconsin with Leanne, Robin and Pam for so much FUN!!!!
What else? This gluten free lifestyle is not fun for me right now. Finding foods is hard enough, and I'm not a big drinker, but I am finding that having a glass of wine and a half without being able to eat a bread product with my nice meals when we open a bottle of wine makes me feel so sick the next day like I had drunk perhaps a whole bottle of wine. So I need to find something that I can eat with my meats or fish that will absorb the alcohol, because the potato dishes I have tried don't work, nor the meat, neither do nuts, and corn. Who would have thought?
Well, I want to knit, and I have chores that did not get done yesterday while we were running around with baseball.
Enjoy your day!