Sunday, February 25, 2007

Welcome to my mess!

This is where I have been hiding myself, and it's not pretty. The yarn room looks like a bomb went off in there. I had to move numerous projects off the bed to make room for my outlines and books, with room for me to read. You will see that the ball winder is off the table, it was in my way when I was doing essay practice questions. And there is yarn everywhere. It's on the floor, in baskets, in tubs, and yes those moving boxes are stuffed to the brim. The tall boy is full, the dresser you can't see is full, the closet is full with at least 8 more of those tubs, the armoire is full - you can't see that from the doorway, there is even yarn in the bathroom to the right drying.

I'm not knitting much at all, which sucks. My exam is in 2 days. I am not ready, I just want to pass. I don't care if it's just by one point. I just want this over with. I am trying not to panic that I just have two more days to study.

My break is over, evidence is calling my name. I miss you guys.

P.S. Guess what I have - the new Lace Addi Turbos in sizes 0 - 6. Can't wait to try them, they arrived via FEDEX on Friday. Lace I'm a coming!