Thursday, September 16, 2010

I did it....

I had shoulder surgery Tuesday afternoon. The MRI had shown that the tendon was really thin so it was time to do something about it. And I am glad I did. The bone spur had shredded the tendon and I was lucky that I wasn't skiing or doing something and the tendon ripped in two. So the bone spur was removed, work was done to regenerate the tendon and I believe there was some bone shaved off the end of my back shoulder too.

So I am sore and not much knitting has been going on. The pain pump came out this morning, I finally could take a shower, and I picked up some knitting because I need to use my arm. So there has been some slow knitting going on, but I am knitting. I have been knitting with an ice pack on my shoulder. I get my stitches out in the first part of October and there will be some work to get this shoulder in shape, but I have hope it will be better than ever. And ready for ski season :)

And hopefully pain free...

Books read since December 15th, 2009:

31. The Cross Country Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini
32. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
33. Skein of the Crime by Maggie Sefton
34. Eggs Benedict Arnold by Laura Childs
35. Round Robin by Jennifer Chiaverini

Monday, September 06, 2010

Whole Lot of Ripping Going On

About 10 days ago I decided to clean out the yarn room. So, out it all came. Every tub of yarn, projects that were on the bed (okay it is guest room but you would have to "find" the bed under all the yarn and projects to sleep in it), yarn that was in the tall boy dresser and yarn that was on the floor. Books, patterns, magazines. I didn't go through the yarn and projects in the closet - I had to stop somewhere.

And I went through everything. Some of the yarn got moved down to the basement (did I mention I have tubs of yarn down there too?) And I sorted and decided on what things I really wanted to work on.

And then I decided to rip. I ripped out single socks, shawls, cowls, and sweaters. I even ripped out DH's damn sweater for maybe the 6th? time. If I wasn't happy with something - it got ripped out. A whole lot of ripping going on.

So now I am knitting on things I want to finish this year. The first is Lorelei from the Fall 2009 Twist Collective I am making it in Debbie Bliss Rialto in a lovely purple. I also have a lot of Twist Collective sweaters that I want to knit. I'm thinking that there might be quite a bit of Twist Collective and Habu fall knitting done this year.

Still getting vegetables out of the garden. I have several ears of corn I am watching and hoping I will get to harvest before it starts to turn cold. I have cucumbers finally and an acorn squash. Never got any pumpkins and had to rip them out due to powdery mildew.

Happy Labor Day!

Books read since December 15th:

30. The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini