Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now you know....

Well, two people in less than a week asked me about my blogging, and I have to admit I have been remiss about sitting down and writing. There are several reasons for the lack of blogging but a few main ones.

The first one is Ravelry. Because I go on every day and talk to people in a few groups I’m active in, I forget to blog. Or, I feel like it’s already been said and that blogging about it is repeating myself. The second reason is, I forget to blog. I went into Blogger a few weeks ago to try to make some changes to my page. The changes were not working and I got frustrated and just logged off without making an entry. And then I forget about my blog and get busy with something else, and weeks go by.

The third main reason is that about a month or so ago, DH and I came to the decision that it is time for me to retire from my job with the Federal Government. Stick a fork in me. I’m done! I had reached the point where I didn’t want to go into to work in the morning and would lie in bed when I woke up trying to think of excuses not to do so. I have worked 50 hour work weeks for over twenty years. Throw two kids and a husband in the mix and I finally reached the point where it was too much. I was leaving the house before 5 in the morning and picking the kids up from after school care at 5pm. Then it was a rush home to either do homework, or eat and off to swim lessons or baseball practice or football practice. And along the way, I became a mom who easily lost patience and yelled. So, enough is enough and I will be retiring on April 30th.

Along the way I have been knitting. I am trying to finish sweaters this year. And I am buying a sock knitting machine. And I’m thinking about teaching knitting again. I haven’t taught in over six months.

So now you know. Big changes this year. And I’m celebrating my upcoming retirement at Stitches South. Anyone going?