Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm blaming it on Stacey!

This one is not my fault. I was sitting at the computer. Working on my Lacy Skirt with Bows (Leanne and Cathy - this is probably when I knit one whole repeat too many), reading blogs, and then I read Sheep in the City. And what did Stacey post? That Colorful Yarns had Dream in Color Classy in stock. What? That stopped me dead in my row. In stock, with "lots" of yarn still there? I wonder if they have that tomato red color, hmm? Or the sage green color. Oh no. Oh this is bad. And Stacey brought up the February Lady Sweater that I have been looking at and looking at, and is in my Ravelry queue. Crap, I don't need more yarn. I have projects to finish before going to Knitting Camp in three weeks. Don't go there!

Now, did I go? Of course. There was the yarn siren calling, or screaming at me to get the hell over there before others realized the yarn was in stock. And there were only 2 tomato reds. Bummer. But, there were four Spring Tickles that had my name all over them. And three funky buttons to make the sweater pop. And this sweater happened to jump on my needles last night.

It's all Stacey's fault!


Cathy R said...

Ahh, time to share the fiber addiction.

I see another trip to Colorful Yarns coming up in my future...

Stacey said...

I love to be a yarn enabler! :)