Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shoulder It

I guess I never really thought about how much you use your shoulders. Of course I have heard about baseball players throwing out their shoulders, and I dated a guy MANY years ago that had his baseball career ended in college due to shoulder problems (he was a pitcher) and have had friends tear their rotator cuffs, but I never really gave it much thought.

Until mine started to hurt. And I lost range of motion. So I had x-rays and have seen my doctor and am now going to an orthopedist next week. And what is going through my mind? This had better not interfere with my knitting. After all, it's my right shoulder, and I'm right handed. But I knit continental and I'm a left hand thrower (I know, it's weird, but that's how I knit). I'm thinking I may be okay with whatever happens.

Knitting wise, one sleeve is done on the Tangled Yoke and ready to be attached and knitted with the yoke, and the other is pretty close. I am ready to get to the interesting cabling on the yoke, because I for one and really bored with the stockinette. I also cast on a pair of of Tyrolean Stockings this past weekend. I am almost done with the leg of the first one. Worsted weight on 3mm. Pretty stiff right now, I am interested to see how they soften up after washing.

Gardening, well I have harvested 2 fingerling tomatoes. First veggies of the season. The garden tarp has come in quite handy and so far has gone up three times in the past month. Thank goodness we put it up on the 4th of July because we had hail ranging in size from nickle to quarter size. And nothing got shredded in the vegetable garden (we won't talk about my roses or my hosta).

Reading, well I have a couple books that I am reading, but nothing finished to report today. Enjoy your week!


Cathy R said...

Good luck with the shoulder, Kathy. Could it be related to all of the rocks that you were moving earlier this year?

I hope it gets better very quickly!

cheryl said...

Sorry about your shoulder, that's my weak spot too. Had to go to PT a few year back for my rotator cuff. I also knit continental and throw with my left, so again, you are not soooo weird. Or at least you have company......