Monday, September 03, 2007

September already?

Where did the summer go? It seemed like yesterday that the outdoor pools around here opened, and now they will be closing next weekend. Must be all the traveling I did this summer that made me completely lose track of time. The beefsteak tomatoes are starting to turn red - hurry up before we get the first frost! My roses are looking good, and I am now planning to put in numerous bulbs in the front for a glorious spring display.

I did finish August with a FO. Hanging Gardens is done and blocked. Although I found out that I had broken a bead (they are glass) and had to sew one on (I dare you to find which one!)

However, September is starting with too much to get knit. I worked on Lady Eleanor this weekend, and Icarus from the Best of Interweave Knits went up on needles yesterday morning while everyone in the house was asleep but me. I will be teaching this shawl later this year. I worked on my Melissa coat, and a Cheryl Oberle shawl. I need to finish the Rowan gift, and there are other things that need to be worked on. These are all from the stash. But I did buy yarn for a sweater - more about that when I cast it on.

And the mailman brought fun things. I received my darn pretty needles from England and some mother of pearl seahorse stitch markers. Wooly Wonka fibers sent me some hand dyed lace weight for Anne's Honeybee stole, and Red Bird Knits sent me a Bird Foot kit that I have been drooling over. And I have new books too. What fun it is to open up what my kids call "it's just yarn for mom."

One more day of a lovely 4 day weekend and then back to reality. I hope your day is wonderful!

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Purple Princess said...

The Hanging Garden Shawl turned out beautifully. It is really a work of art. I sure can't find a sewn on bead. What's a Bird Foot Kit?