Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some hits, some misses, and a whole lot of frustration..

Okay, to begin with there will be no pictures with this post, partly because I'm in an irritable mood, and partly due to the fact I don't feel like taking a picture.

First - let's talk about tomatoes. I have waited ALL SUMMER long for the beefstakes. And now they are ripe, and now they HAVE BUGS!!!!! Each one has a hole in it! I am not happy, no not one bit!

This weekend was a bust. I went to the Rockies game Friday, which I love doing, but due to events beyond my control - it was more of a babysitting chore for me, and a partying with his buds night for DH. I did let him have it, and told him I had given up Girl's Night Out to go to this game with him, and that I didn't care that he got to meet Pete Coors, and he did bring me 2 big cups of private brew pilsner that the public does not get to drink, the fact remained that the kids were dumped with me (although the boys and I and a neighbor boy made it on the park TV twice for our outstanding dancing techniques), the fact remained I was not given a private tour of the Coor's Field Brewery like every other adult in our party (6 others). What a load of crap. The beer was good though!

A highlight of Saturday was that the Gators won, though they looked like dog crap during the entire second half, which gives me worries about the Tennessee game next Saturday.

The little one was sick all day Saturday and had a fever again when I checked an hour ago. That kid threw up so much yesterday and had a fever all day. I felt so bad for him. I slept with him last night, holding his hand, trying to make him feel better. He might be going to the doctor's tomorrow.

Lot's of knitting this weekend, not all of it is making me happy. I did finish the front and the back of the gift, which is not a Rowan (found out when I checked the book this AM) but rather a Debbie Bliss. I cast on both sleeves, so I am hoping to get them done soon. But I don't feel like working on it.

I dug an old WIP out of the yarn room, a sweater for DH. I shouldn't work on it since he has been such a butt, but it's a Black Water Abbey and I am in the mood for a cabled aran with today's change in the weather. And- if this gets done he can NEVERRRRRRRR give me crap again about not knitting him a sweater. That damn sweater (the other DH sweater, over 10 years old one with the pattern error) can sit in the stash for ten more years and he can't say one word. Okay, I'm knitting on the aran.

I want catfish from NoNos but with the little one feeling crappy, I am tied to the house. I have washed every item of fabric in his room today, I think I am on laundry load #10.

The older son had a scrimmage today. He has such an intense football coach who would make them play every day if he could, and these are 2nd graders. But they won their game yesterday, and they are 2-0. Hmm.

I missed knitting with the Girls today because I was at the scrimmage and DH was with the little one. I wanted to go knit, and I was told the place was cute, and the company I am sure was great. Leanne you were supposed to let them know for me that I wasn't coming girlfriend!

Oh well, I guess I'm back to knitting, and laundry and other sundry tasks. Bye from the grouch.

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Joanne said...

I hope that the munchkin is feeling better now.

Don't worry about missing Sunday. We'll do it again!