Monday, September 17, 2007

A day off..

It's raining outside, and very grey. I don't mind it because I have alot of knitting to do and laundry. I'm off from work today because I have to go to the dentist and the orthodontist. It's a good day to be off. When I'm at work on a grey, rainy day, all I can think about is being at home and knitting, or reading, or sleeping. Yes, it's a good day to be home.

I did get some organinzing done. Those shows on HGTV always make me want to get organized, but then when I see how much time it takes, I lose interest. Though, the top of the dresser in the yarn room got organized this morning and now you can see some of my lamb collection (which was previously under piles of yarn). I did find the Darn Pretty Needles yesterday and they are back in the double point case. I think if I can put 10 things away a day I should be organized in say, 2 years.

Knitting today - let's see, the Kauni Shawl will be worked on, Lady Eleanor, and other WIPs yet to be determined. I want to make some good progress today. Bye!

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