Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Did you watch the Rockies game last night? It was the bottom of the 9th, I think there were 2 outs, Matt Holliday was on base and Todd Helton was up to bat. The Rockies were down by 1. Helton hit a beauty of a homer, a 2 run homer that won the game. What was so great was as he was rounding third, the whole team was waiting for him at home plate. He threw off his batting helmet and took a leap into his team. The look on his face was one of pure, unadulterated joy. It was something to see. And the crowd gave him a standing ovation and stayed in the stadium for quite a while even though the game was over. It was one of those moments that just made you grin, and Helton has been such a part of the Rockies for the past 10 years. Great night!

I did some knitting and some ripping last night. Didn't like the socks that I put up, so off the needles they came and up went the waterlily socks. Though I did dump the bag of small crystal beads off the bed and onto the carpet, which made for lots of fun picking them up! So far so good on the socks, put then I am only on row 6 of the beaded ribbing.

I have a one day trip to Kansas City tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the knitting time on the plane. Although the 6:45AM flight time is a killer!

Well, too much work is calling my name. It's a beautiful day here. Enjoy yours.

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