Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh I wish...

I wish that I could retire today. I would do it. I would turn in my paperwork, tell them to kiss my royal -ss and walk out the door. Have you every been that angry? So angry that it makes your hands shake and you can't stop thinking about why you are so angry? That's where I am right now. And I got a bloody nose, probably from all the pent up steam in my head!

You see, I got up at 2:30AM this morning, couldn't get back to sleep and left at 4AM to go to the airport to catch my flight to Kansas City. While I was in Overland Park, Kansas, my husband called and told me he had to respond to something in a far off area of Wyoming (he didn't arrive there until 3PM, so that's how far away it was). He told his boss I was out of town for the day. His boss told him that he and I should have contingency plans for the kids if this happened. I was frickin livid! How dare he make any comment about me or what plans I have in place for my kids. I was in a another state and he sends my husband to another state. We work for the same agency, in the same building. Needless to say, I am livid!!! The guys with me in Kansas rushed me to the airport (flying low down the highway I might add) and got me there so I could catch an earlier flight. So I am home, royally pissed off, but I will be picking up my children from school, DH's boss can go do whatever. But I don't want to go to work ever again. Oh, and I got in trouble from my boss for daring to tell DH's boss that if he had any questions about my contingency plans for my kids and that I was on Division requested business, he could call me. So it just gets better and better. And my boss thought I should apologize to the jerk. That my friends is NEVER going to happen!!!!

Okay - I did knit on the plane, and I don't think the gauge was too tight because of pissed off knitting. I am on ball 4 of 13 balls for Lady Eleanor. The colors are so pretty, like fall (that's right think about yarn and maybe you won't be so pissed off....) Pretty yarn, pretty yarn, pretty yarn......

Socks - not happy with ones I've cast on lately. Maybe I am too picky. I'm just not sure. I am certainly not a sock machine like some knitters. I have too many 1/2 pairs started. Who knows how many pairs of 24 inch size zeros and ones I have socks started on. Oh, I'm thinking that's a lot of money invested in small Addis. Speaking of needles, I ordered my Harmony needles from Knit Picks. Too pretty.

Time to get the boys. Contingency plans - bite me!

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