Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football, Finished Objects and Free Time.

A little FO. This Debbie Bliss was finished during the Florida-Tennessee game yesterday. Which the Gators won by the way! It took me 5 hours of finishing time. Unbelievable. The hardest was getting the sleeves sewn in. I did try to give this to the intended recipient after the game, but they weren't there when I stopped by at 5:15PM. Can you see A B C?

Here's a little yarn porn. I am not starting either of these right now, because except for class projects, I have to finish 2 WIPs before starting a new one.

I had some needle porn to show you too, but I don't know where the Darn Pretty Needles are. Maybe I left them at work.

I have so much to do today. Laundry, bills, organizing, and knitting. I can knit and do the bills watching football, excellent use of my time. I have some class projects to finish, September's socks to cast on, other WIP's and I need to check the little son's Dale to see where I am (not very far I am sure) and get some rows on it. I am going to try Intarsia in the round on this sweater, because I don't want to do duplicate stitch as the pattern calls for (there is a dragon on the front). I read a tutorial on this technique, but I am sure it is going to be interesting trying to figure it out.

I just thought of something, the needles might be with a Kauni shawl that I didn't see while I was yarn organizing. Hmm, I will be looking for that.

Enjoy the day, it's a beauty out there!

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