Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not a bad weekend

There was football. First there were the Saturday college games, and thank goodness the Gators won. They weren't looking that good, and I had my doubts, but they managed to pull off a win against Ole Miss. But there were repercussions and they dropped in the polls to #4. Still early in the season.

Then there was flag football. The oldest plays in a 7 year old league, and the team is quite good. Saturday was the first time they were scored against, but they still managed to win 34-7. The oldest grabbed flags twice and was quarterback twice, so he was happy, and I was happy for him.

There was a lot of knitting time this weekend, while watching football, baseball and at String Saturday morning. Speaking of baseball, the Rockies have been AWESOME, sweeping the Padres and making a last ditch effort to get the wild card slot. I managed to get us tickets to Friday night's game against Arizona and to make it better, there will be fireworks. Knitting, baseball, hot dogs, beer and fireworks with my 3 favorite boys and the Rockies. Can't wait!

Knitting - let's see, there was progress on Lady Eleanor, I'm almost done with ball 5 of 13. But, for some reason this is not proving to be a popular class so far. Maybe if I can get it in the shop soon, people will realize how pretty this is. My camera did not capture the colors very well.

I managed to get up to the Black Water Abbey open house today. I saw old friends - Marilyn, Judy, Debbie from Castle Rock, and ran into a new friend Christie. I did buy some yarn. I had a gift certificate that I managed to finally use, and I bought yarn for a sweater for DH - a beautiful cabled pattern and the yarn is the brown called Jacob.

The peach yarn is for me, for a one button cardigan. This will go in the stash for a while, along with DH's, for knitting when I get a lot of other projects completed. I also bought some yarn for gloves that I will be knitting on 00 or 0000 needles, a project that will involve concentration on my part. I think winter will be soon enough to start the gloves. The sweater underneath is another BWA project for DH that I am trying to get done for his birthday next month.

I am going on A Knitted Peace's Alpaca farm trip on Saturday with my friend Sharon. We should have fun. Oh - and I signed up for 2008's A Year of Lace. I wasn't going to, but when I saw that Sivia Harding was one of the designers, I changed my mind. Have you see this?

Well, it's going to be a nice, cool night, fall is in the air. I don't think I'll be getting too many more tomatoes this year. Have a good one!

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Purple Princess said...

You have been very busy! Lady Eleanor looks great. I think blue and orange are Bronco colors and I am rooting for DH to get a sweater in 2007!