Sunday, August 26, 2007

Up, Up, and Away......

We went to the balloon rise this morning. This weekend is the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival and they had over 65 balloons participating in the rise this morning. At 6:45AM they started rising by the Chatfield reservoir and by 7:30 almost all were in the air except for the Energizer Bunny which was still inflating. The Flying Pig is always a hit, and there was a dragon balloon - very cool, and Tony the Tiger. There was also a sleepy cat, cute - but I think a sheep balloon would be a welcome addition.

We then went to get pancakes for breakfast and then off to church. The little one is playing only child today because his big brother is having a sleep over at Grandma's house.

This one flew right over our heads, I don't know where they landed.

I have a lot of knitting to get done. I am on repeat 11 of 12 on Hanging Gardens, started this morning with approximately 100 rows to go until bind off. This will be a FO this week. I have a coat which is going up on needles this week, and I need to finish some other projects, especially the Rowan. But I have another trip this week, a short one to Indianapolis, so there will be extra knitting time on Frontier watching TV to make some dents in the huge amount of knitting calling my name. Plus I have yarn and needles coming from Europe and Canada which should be arriving any day. Oh boy!

Yesterday, I went to a style seminar with Leanne, Judy, Christie and Theresa. It was interesting and time will tell if I learned anything when I go clothes shopping or try to match up outfits. And of course we had a good time at lunch with margaritas for all!

I then rushed home to bake a Kahlua fudge cake for a party DH and the little guy and I went to. Nice party, nice folks, great new backyard. After that it was off to the balloon festival for the night time illumination which is very cool if you haven't seen one. The balloons are inflated, but on the ground and when they fire up the heater, the balloon is illuminated. Try that with 65 plus balloons and it is quite a show.

Well, I have knitting to do, laundry to do, tomatoes to pick and a meeting to get to. Weekends are way too busy! Have a great day! It's gorgeous outside.

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Judy said...

Sure was enlightening Saturday. I am nervous about shopping but will persevere. Have a great knitting week.