Friday, August 17, 2007

"But we were on a break"

All right, I know it’s been a long time since I have written on the blog. I do have some pictures and some things to write about, but there hasn’t been much time lately, and if it comes down to blogging vs. knitting, I have to choose the knitting time.

Things have been busy and there’s been change over here at Mountain Purl. First – work, I am now working as a federal prosecutor. I started this Wednesday, and boy do I have a lot to learn. I have about 500 pages of legal reading to get through. I need to learn how every thing works in the Colorado District Court, criminal side. I don’t want to make a mistake, and I don’t want a judge to screw with me because I didn’t follow one of the local rules. Yep – lots of learning to do.

This week hasn’t been bad. I won big at Bunko – over 65 bucks which is huge for our group. That was a nice surprise. It’s going in the new car fund, towards whatever I decide to buy sometime next year.

Lots of knitting, lots of ripping. Last night I ripped out the entire Lady Eleanor, because I thought I added too many stitches to the original pattern – so Leanne I ripped too! Hanging Gardens has 7 of the 12 repeats done but I had to take a break from it. I put up a pair of socks for me on Wednesday, out of some hot pink STR. Bought some Kauni over at a Knitted Peace last night and as a bonus saw my knitting bud Joanne which was great. Need to finish the Rowan present, have a great idea for some other Kauni in the stash that I can’t wait to try. The list goes on and on. I need to win the lottery!!!! That way I can knit as much as I want.

Trip next week to DC. How disgusting is that – DC in August? Help I’m melting….. Oh – but I can knit on the plane, and it’s Frontier so I can watch the Food Network and knit. Shut up and knit.

516 days until I can retire. Okay, that’s not so bad. The sun is shining, AND IT’S FRIDAY, and I’m leaving early for a hair appointment which is so over due. Not so bad. Have a GREAT day!

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Mary the Digital Knitter said...

You're CSRS, not FERS, aren't you? I'm CSRS, as is my husband. I didn't start counting the days until I had my 55th birthday. The last three months of my thirty years sure did drag, but it still took me another two months to actually retire.

Retirement is wonderful and the knitting is just great. I've threatened my husband that I'm going to cash in my TSP in a lump sum and spend it all on yarn. He just shakes his head.