Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Okay, so the girl is still sick. I left work yesterday after only 4 hours and went back to the doctor. The chest is killing me, I'm still full of snot, can't hear because of fluid, and so on. I told the doctor that I've had enough! This has been going on since May 26, the other medicine didn't help a darn, and I'm tired of my kids asking me, mom are you still sick? Why can't you hear what I said? And today I had to do Defensive tactics at work. 4 1/2 hours of handcuffing, kicks, strikes, ground fighting, hand gun retention, not things to do when your chest hurts like hell (and I hate this required training). I had to go, this was the make-up day, or my butt would have been home, where it was as soon as the training was over.

So, I'm on 3 new medicines. Here's the unbelievable part, the one that should clear up things is medicine that they give to pneumonia patients. And it's TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS A PILL! This is before insurance, but unbelievable! How do these poor people who can not afford health insurance buy medicines for their family members that cost that much? It just boggles my mind.

Okay - off the soap box. It may not have looked like it lately, but I haven't been buying yarn. Okay I know I bought some for the skirt and the summer sweater, but these were additions for this summer. I am trying to knit up the stash. I made a list of projects for potential classes, and things that I want to finish. I am starting small, because I need to also work on the Dale and Forest Path. But June's list isn't too long, the Sangria skirt, the new sweater, 2 shawls, 2 pairs of socks. Okay, maybe it does seem long. But there will be FOs this month. The skirt is more than 1/2 way done. I'm still not sure about lining it. It is being made to wear below the belly button, so I am not sure how my half slips will work. I am leaning more and more towards lining.

Total change of subject, but the wind outside is really blowing. Three of my rose bushes have had branches broken (of course the ones with buds on them) and my neighbors tree was snapped at the base like a twig. Very unusual, and the temperature is going from the 80s today to the low 60s tomorrow. I guess God wants to do a little bit more spring cleaning before summer is officially here.

My youngest graduated from preschool this afternoon. My baby. That's after he got home at 11PM last night after having a boy's night at Coors Field with Dad to watch the Rockies. They grow up fast don't they?

I'm hoping for a good night's sleep, the Albuteroll is keeping me awake. Good night.

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Diane said...

Well I am glad they gave you some medication that sounds like it might work. Your skirt sounds nice.