Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Colors are done.

Before I tell you about it, I just want to say that Leanne did not get her way, and silver was not added to my colors to match the grey in my hair, even though she tried! I did get reminded several times to look up and not at Leanne's knitting while I was at Cynthia's.

So I got my colors done last night. Hmm. Bit of a surprise. It still seems a little wierd, strange.

First of all, I knew there would be the neutrals. I have always had the khakis, and the various shades of tan brown and cream. And I knew that winter white was a good color choice. Oh and of course, there was a myriad of pinks, which are plentiful in my closet. (Okay – Okay, I know I wear BORING clothes to work, mostly blacks and whites, but there is color in my closet). And there were shades of coral.

The first surprise for me was red. I always thought I looked good in red, but my reds did not go as bright as I thought they would. Now if I wore dramatic eye makeup I can still wear them, but I was surprised. My reds were more of the strawberry nature, and not deep, and they sure did not go to cranberry or any wine type color. And not to aubergine which of course is in the stash to knit a dress.

The next surprise was that there were hardly any golds. Now I knew there were only 2 shades of yellow I could wear, which she picked out for me (nice to know I was choosing good colors), but I thought there would be golds. Greeny golds and browny golds. Nope – weren’t there. Wow. That still is hard to believe. There were metallics, great because the girl likes bling, but no regular golds for yarn or fabrics.

Go ahead and laugh. I have purple, as a matter of fact at least five of them. Who knew? The yarn gods were telling me to buy that color and of course the current projects are mostly purple. I have little or no blue. I knew this. I didn’t expect to see any, and the blues were more of a green blue.

I do have green, sage and apple and khaki green, but no deep green. Again, a surprise. Also, she gave me this weird green, and three to five shades of it. The only thing of that color I could find in the house last night was the top of a sippy cup. What does that tell you?

I walked in the closet, not too many things that are bad. Though I have a lot of black, so again I need to do dramatic makeup to wear it. The yarn room is different. It will be slow going. Looking at things, seeing what type of item is being made out of the color and whether or not I think it still should be made.

So today’s knitting is on the purple cape. It’s a safe choice. And I am in the mood to cable.

Weird weather outside, air was ugly and I couldn’t see the mountains from the train. I’m hoping it’s not an inversion. Enjoy the hump day. I’m getting breakfast. ANd I'm leaving early - been up since 2:20AM, and need to go back to bed.


Cathy R said...

I, for one, will be interested in seeing what kind of garment you can construct out of the top of a sippy cup.

I hope that you enjoyed yourself. See you at lunch soon.

Purple Princess said...

It was fun to watch the process. Sometimes I could actually see the differences in how the different colors looked next to you. I just don't understand, I have a silver! Why don't you????? Mmmm ......You must be the warmer one.

Judy said...

I had a similar reaction to the red situation. I have loads of burgundy and merlot (colors that is) in my closet and yarn stash. There could be some cleaning when the color fan comes. Hope you had fun, I sure did.

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