Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can you say stupid?

Or dumb as*? Or are you kidding me? Or can't you follow directions, or better yet didn't you read them?

There is a reason they put warning labels on medicine. It's to WARN YOU! Yep, we know that and we heed the warnings don't we? Ah hah, some of you are saying yeah right. Now you are thinking, what did she do?

My antibiotic - yes the expensive one, said avoid exposure to sunlight. I read it, I did. Know where I'm going here? Today was picture day for the youngest. We went over to the ball park, the big one with all the fields. And we were out in the sun. Then we watched the big boys play (11 year olds, that's BIG BOYS to my guys) and ate hot dogs before we had to get to the first game at one. Now I put sunscreen all over the boys before going to their games. I put it on my arms and legs. What did she just say? Arms and legs. There was nothing on my face and neck. And no moisturizer. Now we just bought a sun umbrella to cover both the chairs at the games. I sat under that baby from 12:45 to 4:15PM. But not this morning. I was in the sun from 10:25 to 12:30PM.

MY FACE IS SCREAMING!!!!!! I look like a red and white raccoon. OUCHHHHHHHH!!!!! My neck is fried too. I haven't been this burnt since I was a kid and we went to Florida during Easter vacation. OUCHHHHHHH!! And I look terrible. And I'm teaching laws of arrest in Chicago all next week. I hurt and look like crap.

But I did knit today. Not much got done on the skirt. I brought a small Koigu project along. No, it's not the Mandarin Jacket. That was never found, and I haven't replaced the yarn yet.

The boys are next door including the other half. Beer brewing day. And some sort of impromptu tasting. Yeah, they are over there, and I am here. Yippee, I'm going to watch the end of the Rockies game (tied top of the 9th) and knit. I think I am going to have some alcohol. Can't douse the fire on my face, might as well just dull the pain.

To the couch.

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Purple Princess said...

Sounds painful. I hope you feel better soon. So, you gave away my little secret! Thanks! On the other hand my mom is happy and none the wiser! Ssssh....