Monday, June 04, 2007

Where do the weekends go?

It always seems to be that you zip on home Friday after work, and before you can blink your eyes, it is 9PM Sunday night. What happened? The work week never goes that fast. I need a two day work week and a five day weekend. What do you think?

This was the first weekend of baseball games. As we were driving to the oldest’s ball game, I said to my husband, this is what the next 13 to 14 years are going to be like, driving the boys to games. The oldest’s team came out with a bag, beating the other team 27 – 6 (They are only 7 year olds). Then off to the youngest’s ones T-Ball game. Now, if you have never seen a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds play T-Ball, you need to go watch. It’s kind of a cross between trying to herd cats and watching a circus. And how a kid doesn’t get beaned with a ball when they all try to throw the runner out at first is beyond me. Of course, my youngest got hit on the foot by a ball because he wasn’t watching the batter – he didn’t cry he’s tough. Anyway, the youngest was SO PROUD of his Devil Rays jersey that he wanted to wear it on Sunday too. So cute. By the way, you don’t keep score for the little ones, the entire lineup bats, then the other team’s entire lineup, and so on…

By the way, I am still sick. This is frickin unbelievable. I am still loaded with snot, and I hear like I am underwater. I just want my head and face back to normal. I’m sick of sneezing.

There was knitting this weekend. Saturday I had a class at String .. I am teaching this beaded bag class, and how the designer put this together is strange. I would have made the pattern very differently. Then Saturday night, it drove me crazy about how the bag was to be seamed and how I thought it should be lined. I was grabbing hand towels and pinning them different ways as models, trying to make it look better. I am going to email the ladies some suggestions I have after my many hours of fiddling with this bag.

After class, I met my friend Leanne in Arvada. She kept telling me about this cute store in Old Downtown that I had to see. So I drove up there. As I walked down the street, on one side of the street was a weaver’s gallery with a woman sitting outside on the sidewalk spinning, and I thought oh this is cool. Across the street was Knit Nack - a new knitting store and coffee bar. Do you ever walk in a place and feel like it was something you read about in a book? This place reminds me of what I pictured A Good Yarn would look like (from Debbie Macomber’s book). The walls are brick, and she has cherry cabinets. Three huge tables for knitting and comfy chairs. And the wall hangings are beautiful, bright, quilted pieces on consignment from a local quilter. Gerri Bragdon is the owner, who is making a leap of faith and taking a year off from teaching to make the shop a go. The regulars (Leanne’s merry gang) are very nice, and I can see Leanne’s influence as many were sporting Zhivago knitting bags (which of course I found first and showed to Princess Leanne).

And what do you ask is the piece of knitting I am working on? It my dears, is a skirt. I have wanted to make this skirt since last summer, but never found the yarn anywhere. Guess where I found it – at Knit Nack. The yarn is Classic Elite Classic Silk, and the pattern is Sangria by the wonderful Anne over at . I should have this baby knit in a week, I just haven’t figured out if I want to line it, or just wear a slip under it. It’s so cute.

Well, I have to get to work. It’s a beautiful day outside, of course. We are at work.

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Purple Princess said...

You are funny! I am glad you liked the shop. The atmosphere is great you descibed it well. It is a place you can feel comfortable in. I am glad you liked it. The skirt is awesome. I can't wait to see it!