Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's hot!

It's hot outside, and it's hot inside. Know what I'm doing? Sitting here knitting, watching the Rockies and the Blue Jays, waiting for the air conditioner repairman to call and tell me he's 15 minutes away. Yep, the air broke last night. So it's 80 degrees inside, and 84 degrees outside. Kind of a toss us which feels cooler, or hotter....

It's been one of those days. I couldn't sleep, like that's something new, so I left to go to the office for a few hours at 4:30AM. So I was driving down the road, luckily not speeding which I normally do early in the morning because no one is on the roads, when out jumps a mama deer in front of my car. Holy Shi*! I slammed on the brakes and barely missed her. I told god, I saved one of them for you, because only he knows how the heck I missed hitting her full broadside. Man, it was white knuckles for the next few miles while I got the composure back. I have never seen a deer in that location. Where she came from, I haven't a clue.

So here I am, back home, barely moving anything except my fingers. You know what's funny? I'm knitting a lot of purple things, and it's not even a favorite color of mine. Let's see, there's a purple cape, shawl, top, hmmm, what else? This is funny. I never buy purple yarn. I wonder if it will be in my color palette. Yes, I am going to get the colors done. The consensus was do it.

I'm back, had to go wash the sweat off my face and go check the game. Rockies are trying to rally. Oh good, they just tied it up.

What's your housecleaning chore you hate the most? I think I am going with vacuuming the stairs, just because I have to lug the vacuum cleaner behind me as I go. And cleaning toilets, is not high on the favorite list either.

I no longer have a child in preschool as of yesterday. Wow! My husband and I shared a bittersweet smile over that fact today. My babies are big.

Well back to knitting. I finally got to decrease on the cape from 374 stitches to 329. Now the rows feel a little shorter. I want finished objects this month! Though not as bad as I want that repairman to get here!

Enjoy the day, stay cool.

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Purple Princess said...

I love the purple cape. I hope it is your color because it isn't mine anymore!! No matter I think it will look fabulous on you.