Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay - I went to a Yarn Store

After today's class it was time for another long walk. So on went the jeans and running shoes and I set off to find Loopy Yarns. The Chicago book in my room featured them, so if it was good enough to review in the hardcover local interest book I needed to go find it.

35 minutes later and 2 miles away, a nice walk down the Magnificent Mile, past Millennium Park and over to State Street, was the store. Small in size, a little larger than the front room of String, the store was very nice. I did buy some sock yarn, don't have it with me, but it's something I haven't seen in my normal haunts, a new Lexi Barnes bag (Leanne you are going to want this one) and some knitting mystery books by an author I haven't read. The store manager was very nice, told me about 3 designs she is about to get published (she also had some awesome tattoos) and then pointed me in the direction of getting great, Chicago pizza. I had tried a traditional Chicago hot dog for lunch, now it was time for pizza.

So I set out on the two mile walk back towards the hotel, enjoying the architecture of the many beautiful buildings around town, over to Pizzeria Uno where I sat at the bar, drinking beer, watching the Cubs and eating great pizza. True Chicago experience.

Well class is going to start soon, enjoy your day.

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Purple Princess said...

sounds fun! I have heard of Loopy Yarns. I can't wait to see you new bag and I am pretty sure I will want it, did ya get 2 of em!!!