Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Man Am I tired!

I'm tired. For those of you who know me well, know that I am not a good sleeper. I take pills to stay asleep. 6 hours straight is a luxury. For a while there after I returned from the cruise I was sleeping past 5 AM, but now I'm back to waking up between 2:30AM and 4AM. So, I'm tired. And today I was out in the sun all day at the range in 90 plus degree weather, so add that to the lack of sleep and I'm a tired, irritable woman. My poor family.

Speaking of irritable, did you read the Harlot's blog? Makes you wonder what comments were put out there. I remember reading a blog a few months back and the author was on a tirade over some comment someone put on her blog about her need to wear makeup to look better in her photos. I was thinking to myself that the reader had crossed the line when making a personal comment like that, but then I was also taken aback by the blog owner's comments. You know, we feel we know others just because we read their blogs, but we really don't. We all share this crazy addiction to knitting, but if we didn't have that, would we want to know the other bloggers? Maybe so, maybe not. I know there are a couple that I would like to hang out with to see how their days are. What do you think?

I pulled out a Debbie Bliss to work on last night. I know I have projects that I want done this month, but I had a hankering for some cables so out it came. Oh my friends, too many projects and too few hours per day to knit on them.

I have been reading some new books, set in a needlework shop in Minnesota. Who is the author? Oh crap, I think the one I am reading now is upstairs in the bedroom, and I don't dare go up there because my bed is calling my name.

Hey - have you ever had your colors done? Leanne http://purpleprincessknits.blogspot.com/ just had hers done, and I am thinking about doing it. If you have done it, do you really follow the suggestions?

Well, there is some daylight left, Rockies are playing the Yankees, so I am going back to the Debbie Bliss. Bye!


Susan said...

Is is Monica Ferris? If it is I've read all of them. Nice easy reads and some have knitting in them.

Debi said...

I had my colors done a loooooong time ago but I do still stick with what I learned because it truly is what looks best on me. I do deviate once in a while (cause I just love green) and people ask me all day if I feel ok :(

Do ti, it's fun and good to know!

sharon said...

I had my colors done once too, it was interesting because the colors that are best for me were colors I naturally gravitated toward anyway. You know those things in our closets that we never wear, but really can't put our finger on why we don't care for it? I think part of it is because of the color and we subconsciously know it doesn't really work for us.

Purple Princess said...

You should so go get them done! You will enjoy it. Even if I am drawn to and like certain colors better than other, I found out they are not always the "best" ones for me which equates to big money mistakes in yarn and clothes. I say DO IT!