Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fast Knitters

As I was knitting on my Kauni sweater on the train ride home from work yesterday, I was looking at how the colors were coming together. I am now to the “Gator” section; for you non-University of Florida people - one ball is feeding orange yarn and the other blue. And I was thinking about how I couldn’t wait until I got to the other colors and wishing I would get there quickly. Quickly just doesn’t seem to happen soon enough when you are knitting a sweater with 258 stitches per row.

So as I wishing I would get to these color changes, I started to think about fast knitters. Now, I happen to think I knit relatively fast. Now, I do not put myself in the category of the Lenes, Eunny Jangs, Anne Hansons, Lilly Changs or Karen from a Knitted Peace, of this world, but I do knit along at a fair pace. And I do remember a woman named Carole from my old knitting guild in California who could knit really fast, although I can’t remember her speedy nickname. These women’s fingers really do fly.

What I was wondering, do they get the same “buzz” or relaxation or whatever you or I get from sitting down and picking up a piece of knitting? Being at such a different pace than you or I? Hmm? Could be. It might be that it’s just the act of picking up the knitting and working on the project at whatever pace you want is enough. I don’t know.

There’s a beautiful sunrise of blues and fuchsias going on outside my 9th floor office window and a great old Hall and Oates tune on the station. Enjoy your day!

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