Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've been sitting on the bed for the past few hours, knitting on the Leaf Shawl and listening to pod casts. One of the things that caught my attention was that not only are we knitting and creating things, but we are knitting our lives together.

And I got to thinking about that, the different people I knit with on a regular basis, the students in my classes, the people I meet when I attend a class, or a retreat or a convention, and it's interesting to look at the different people and see what they have added to my life.

Some are constants, the knits and purls. They are always there building your garment. Then you have your traveling stitches. These people zip across your life, adding interest here and there, not always staying. But always interesting. Then you have your cables. These people come in and out of your life. You may see them once a year at a convention, or they contact you out of the blue. They add a great design and you are always happy to see them. It's like they never left. They make you smile.

Then you have your dropped stitches. Somehow this friendship didn't last, or you outgrew it, or it was only there for a purpose which is now over.

I might be labled an SSK or a K2TOG. I pick up knitters. That's how I have met the nicest people I know.

Love them knitters.


Purple Princess said...

I am happy that you picked me up one day long ago and hope you consider me a knit and a purl!

Anonymous said...

What a great post and great thoughts! :) I am glad Leanne introduced me to you! She is a
K2TOG also! :)

Joanne said...

I'm not sure where I fit in. A cable, perhaps. We really should get together and knit more often.

By the way, I can no longer read your blog at lunch at work. It's been blocked. That stinks.