Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking for my old self....

Actually, I just want my head back, to clarify that, the left side of my face and all the sinuses lying underneath it. I hate sinuses and sinus problems. They have plagued me for years. I can forecast the changes in weather. I can tell you within 24 hours when it is going to rain. Because I get sinus headaches and migraines. I also get sinus infections and they usually are pretty nasty. I hate it when I get one, because I know it, and the doctor always tells me, you will probably get a migraine or two. So I have this baby since Thursday. Feeling like the left side of my face has been broken by a full out hit in the face with a swing of a baseball bat. And if it's not gone by Thursday I get my head scanned, and I hate lying still in that tube. I hate it. I have a little bit of claustrophobia when it comes to that and going underground.

So I stayed home today and I am pumped full of guaifenesin and antibiotics waiting for the dam to break. And I had time to knit, but these things pretty much kill any knitting desire I have. I think I have knit 3 rows on a shawl today. I hate losing good, quality, sick knitting time, to a head that just is about as worthless as a used Kleenex. I finished a good Monica Ferris mystery, "Cutwork." I like her books, they are set in a needlework shop in Minnesota.

So I downloaded some knitting pod casts. Not sure if I will be getting into listening to them on a regular basis, but I thought that I would give it a try. I really dislike talk radio no matter the topic, so this is a big departure for me to listen to a podcast.

And I tied knots while watching good old Martha Stewart on DIY (Please tell why Knitty Gritty is now on at 3 in the morning?) Lots of overhand knots. Many knots. On one side of Lady Eleanor. I will show you a picture, oh she is very pretty (sorry the picture is blurry). I still have to fringe the other side. But there are a lot of knots, very boring knots..... But she needs to be finished, so I need to fringe.

I need to work on the two sweaters in the active pile. They are badly in need of attention. Leanne told me she is almost done with her back, so I had better get knitting. Now which knitting bag is it in, in which room? Hmm...

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Purple Princess said...

Nice Lady Eleanor. Did you use a different yarn for the fringe??