Monday, January 07, 2008

Okay, Okay, I know I should be upstairs lying down!

I went home sick. Rather, I have been sick since Thursday and I went to work today. You see I had a court appearance this morning , and the Chief of Criminal was going with me, so there was NO WAY that I wasn't going to show. So I went, made my appearance, the judge said I did a good job (first time in her court room, she has been known to yell at attorneys), who knows, could always do better, went back to my office, walked back to my other office, grabbed my knitting and my purse, a Christmas present for Kris of the Lunch Bunch, walked over to where they were, said hello for 10 minutes, met a new knitter - blanking on her name, grabbed Robin's shawl to do a repair, got on a bus to catch my train and went on home. Whew, I talk like that too, as Renee at work says breathe Kath Breathe!

Anyway, why am I not taking a nap yet? Because I need to drink a boatload of water with one of my new meds I picked up at the pharmacy or as I was told I will be VERY SORRY! So I am slowly sucking this down. A half glass to go.

See this? You should see beautiful mountains between the two houses across the street from me. I see nothing. I can usually see five to seven mountain ranges from that window. What you see is a rapidly moving snow storm. I watched it roar down the foothills as I was driving home with my meds. I took that picture about 10 minutes ago and it is now snowing outside my window, just some tiny little flakes. Here we go again!
Sunday stash update, a day late. Not much knitting happened this weekend, you know I am sick when I don't knit. Two additions to the stash that I received in the mail this week. The white is Black Pearl Cashmere, just lovely, in jasmine pearl for some lace gloves. The other is a gift, which I haven't thanked the gifter yet, but I will. Beautiful yarn, straight from Germany. 574 yards of beautiful Rohrspatz& Wollemeise in the colorway Suzanne. Oh so nice, and from a very nice person I might add! Knee highs perhaps? My own design? This requires thought.
There are also finished items on the horizon for the Sunday Stash report, not quite there but close. But no more time for blogging. I am done drinking the water. The meds have a left a horrible taste in my mouth. I must now eat some chocolate.
Off to bed! Holy Crap! You should see the size of the snow flakes now! Oh well, the shots through the window weren't too good.

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