Friday, January 11, 2008

Do you face West?

As I was driving to the park and ride this morning, again I was reminded about how glad I was that people that DH and I have hired in Colorado have done their jobs. I’m talking about our realtor. You see, we live on a street that winds a bit for a half mile before you get to a main road. A main road meaning it will be plowed if it snows. Now sometimes they will take a grader down part of my street but not always. So during a good snow, you can get a build up of 3 or 4 inches of packed snow and ice on the street.

Anyway, being a girl who lived in Florida for 18 years and California for 11, and only had purchased a house in California, I was not aware of the importance of how your house faced. My priorities of house facing were - where was the master bedroom, and was the sun going to wake me up in the morning which is not a good thing for this light sleeper. So our realtor enlightened us about west and east facing driveways. (Though I wish he would have said something about how steep mine is – I’ve slid sideways down it on many occasions when there is ice under the snow when I am trying to shovel it during a snowstorm!) If yours faces east or west, the sun will melt that snow and ice so much faster and you will not have that ice jam in front of your house.

So as I was twisting and turning my way down the road this morning at 5:45AM, going from dry road to ice slick, I was thinking thank you Don, I am sure glad my house doesn’t face that way. It’s dry in front of my house.

Anyway, knitting. Cast on some lace yesterday. Actually cast it on, didn’t like the openness, ripped it out, went down 2 needle sizes and now am on row 48 of the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’m using some of my favorite lace yarn – Helen’s lace that was in the stash, but I can’t figure out the color way. It’s not Chino and it’s not Firefly. It’s this golden color and I am putting a cubed gold glass bead in the middle of each diamond and at the end of each point just like Cara at January One did. And I’m not breaking the two project rule because this will be a class sample for a spring intermediate lace class. And it’s so pretty already. I’m thinking this is going to be a quick knit for me, the only thing slowing me down is trying to bead on the bus and train while not spilling beads, or my purse, or my yarn bag, or my Ipod, or my water. You get the idea. Though, I need to switch to Addi Lace needles to be even faster, though that would involve moving them out of another started project….

I’m thinking I may be getting yarn in the mail this weekend. The Princess and I have twin projects. Besides the sweater we are making absolutely stunning cashmere gloves. Wait till these are done! And I think there’s yarn coming from England any day now and some Jamison from Canada. But I am sticking to the two projects of one type rule, so I could only start the project from England, but that is major Fair Isle, and not until my Kauni Dale is done will I even attempt another fair isle (so she says).

And I should have an Aventi bag coming from Dream Weaver Yarns. Birthday Present to me!

I’ve got work to do. The fog is starting to clear from feeling so sick. Its Friday my friends. Pretty day out there!

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