Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm trying not to breathe...

First of all, this photo is for Joanne. I've been talking about my Kauni Sweater and hoped to show it to her tomorrow, but I don't know if I will be there, so here the beauty is. Not a great picture, but you get the idea, and you can see the stranding on the back which is looking good also. I hope to work on this today.

I am trying not to breathe, rather I am not doing anything that will make me breath in deeply or breathe in cold air. I have bronchitis, better than the walking pneumonia which was ruled out by two chest x-rays yesterday afternoon, but it still hurts. My lungs are on fire. So as long as I don't breathe too hard, or breathe cold air, they feel better. I have two inhalers of medicines so hopefully with today's rest and probably tomorrow, this will be going away. As long as I don't cough, the one medicine with a pain reliever seems to dull the fire a little.

So I'm knitting and watching TV and resting today. Since coughing woke me up at 2:30AM I actually saw Knitty Gritty this morning, too bad it was just scarves, and scrap booking, always good programs to knit to.

I am trying to post to Ravelry, but am having issues this morning. I am tired, so it just be me. Just a short post, need to get back to the couch and the knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, I have not been on your blog probably since I was on mine. I love you dale kauni sweater!!!! I left you a couple of messages on Ravelry and put you as a friend I actually but Joanne as a friend yesterday. I have just started working on my Ravelry finally and I love it. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. I just ordered the autumn kauni sweater pattern today. Kate, Jody and I are going to Knitted Peace tomorrow and I am getting some Kauni yarn!!!!

Take care,