Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eating chicken noodle soup and knitting lace

No Kauni today. I ripped at least 6 rows out last night. That's over 1,600 stitches. I found that my tension had loosened up, so out the rows came and the Kauni is having a day of rest. Hmm, sick fair isle knitting is looser than normal. Interesting.

So today is a lace day and I think it is Wednesday, right? I feel like I have lost the first five weeks of the year and today is what day (had to go look at the calendar, the 16th). Wow, I've been 50 for a month already. I have lost all track of time with being sick. Enough already, I need to get some semblance of order back. So I am eating chicken soup - nothing else has worked. Every time I call my boss to let him know I am still sick, he's in Philadelphia, he gives me some new advice to try, today it was honey, yesterday chicken soup. Aren't men cute, they think they have all the answers when we are sick.

So today we are knitting lace. And lace that I have to pay attention to because I am placing beads, and I am also throwing the yarn on the resting rows to turn the stitches for the SSKs to try to gain a little speed. I am going to try to take a picture. Of course it's not blocked out or anything, but you get the idea. One bead in the middle of each diamond.

Today my friend Joanne was sworn in as a US citizen. I really wanted to go and am so bummed that I missed it. But common sense prevailed and I am sitting at home thinking about her and hoping she's having a wonderful day with all her knit friends. Yay Joanne! I hope the little something I ordered for you arrives in the mail today.

Well back to the lace.

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Purple Princess said...

I sure hope you will be feeling better soon. The shawl looks fab.