Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve 2007

Okay, it is New Years Eve, and I decided to look over the blog to see what I have written over the past 12 months. Below you will find the first few lines of the first post of each month, kind of a year in review of Mountain Purl.

January 2007 - 2006 sure seemed to fly by. In keeping with tradition, I have my resolutions for 2007. Whether or not these will be kept, only time will tell.

Okay, some were kept, some were not, there are still many UFOs, I still have some unwanted poundage, the yarn room is a wreck and so is the house. Oh well. And I still need patience.

February 2007 - This is where I have been hiding myself, and it's not pretty. The yarn room looks like a bomb went off in there. I had to move numerous projects off the bed to make room for my outlines and books, with room for me to read.

Yep, it is still a mess.

March 2007 - The test is over, in the books, finished, done! Don't know if I passed, I was not happy Tuesday afternoon, and you never know with the multiple choices - it always comes down to 2 answers. But I'm done!

I managed to pass the Bar, and the lunch bunch took me out to celebrate at Knit Knack. A good time was had by all, and we enjoyed pomegranate margaritas!

April 2007 - It's April. I have leaves on the rose bushes that made it through the winter. There are purple buds on 2 of the 3 lilac bushes. We mowed and fertilized the yard. So of course it is snowing.

Nothing unusual here.

May 2007 - Our ship sailed into the San Francisco Bay this morning, right under the Golden Gate Bridge. Joanne and I were out on the balcony watching. We sailed past Alcatraz and then docked by the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

The cruise. My seasickness. Such fond memories. Poor Joanne! Nice yarn purchases though!

June 2007 - It always seems to be that you zip on home Friday after work, and before you can blink your eyes, it is 9PM Sunday night. What happened? The work week never goes that fast. I need a two day work week and a five day weekend.

This is a weekly occurrence for me.

July 2007 - This is me knitting outside on the front porch. Okay I know I need to trim the bushes, but I'm knitting. I have the house decorated. I put the bunting up for the Fourth of July, along with flags. What am I knitting - Koigu. And I need to knit my Koigu.

I STILL need to knit all my Koigu.

August 2007 - I’ve been really busy. My best friend Beth from high school arrived in Denver on Friday with her family. Her DH is a nurse anesthetist, so they are in town for his conference. So we have been running around. Saturday they came over to the house for a cookout, so there was a mad session of trying to clean the mess that is my house.

The house got cleaned, we had a great time. I miss her.

September 2007 - Where did the summer go? It seemed like yesterday that the outdoor pools around here opened, and now they will be closing next weekend. Must be all the traveling I did this summer that made me completely lose track of time. The beefsteak tomatoes are starting to turn red - hurry up before we get the first frost! My roses are looking good, and I am now planning to put in numerous bulbs in the front for a glorious spring display.

Never planted them bulbs did you Kath?

October 2007 - I decided to knit a pair of socks for Socktober. I cast on the Tyrolean Stockings from the Fall Interweave Knits. I am using Green Mountain Spinnery Vermont Organic Wool in a cream color. The yarn is a nice wool, although I am picking a lot of grass or whatever, out of it. It shows the pattern nicely, but right now the yarn is pretty coarse.

You just looked at those socks on the needles in the yarn room this weekend didn’t you? Or should I say 2 inches of just one sock in the yarn room?

November 2007 - Okay, it has been a while since I have blogged, and I do have pictures to post, but alas, I am not at home, where the camera is. So you get the idea that I really should be doing something else right now (oh yeah – working) but oh well.Let’s start with the Rockies. They lost. It was sad.

World Series. The Rockies lost. That really sucked.

December 2007 - Okay, there is no way it is going to happen. I finished the back of DH's sweater and had to rip out 30 or more rows of the front because I wasn't paying attention and didn't decrease 16 stitches. So there is no way this baby will be done by the 6th.

It’s still not done. I’m not working on it at the present. I just don’t feel like it.

Not a bad year. My half century mark. To all my friends and family. May you have a wonderful 2008.

P.S. I am not making any Resolutions for 2008!


Liska said...

Neither I planted the bulbs. And,no resolutions this year either.
Enjoy the second half of your life. And the third, too.

By the way, is there something left from your May stash reduction sale? I didn't find any summary or something and I might be interested in a few things.

Anonymous said...

It was quite a year, wasn't it? I hope we can get together to knit from time to time in 2008.