Saturday, December 29, 2007

Evening post, 2 in one day?

Okay, what is going on. I have ripped out the same sweater again. I can't tell you what it is because Leanne has a contest on her blog to figure it out. I found this stupid pattern, and I still like it. I'm just off row gauge, and then my head is somewhere else I guess. So the whole back to the arm holes was ripped back yesterday, and then 2o rows was ripped back today. I stayed up to 1AM re knitting this thing, to rip it back today. Oh, just slap me and put me out of my misery. And to top it off, I sliced my finger putting Christmas decorations away, and I'll be dog gone if I will let that get in the way of my attempt at knitting this thing. Why is it always the necessary knitting fingers, of course my left index finger?

I am trying to finish projects. I am trying something new. Working only on 2 sweaters at a time and 2 shawls, and 2 whatevers, you get the idea. Not bouncing from project to project. I am trying only to have 2 active projects in each category going at a time. And this is hard. Because I bought silk. Beautiful soft, yummy silk Fiesta La Luz that I order from Fuzzy Mabel for the hoodie from Interweave Knits. The hoodie that has been tempting me for months. I am not starting it. Leanne and I are getting are sweaters done at the same time. Or so I hope if I can ever get past my knitting errors.

I think I am blogging to avoid the sweater. I really do like it, I do. I will finish it Leanne, after all, I think I talked you into it, didn't I? And I am not seeing you having any knitting brain farts with it. Oh please, not another Damn sweater......

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Purple Princess said...

Yes we will finish! I did start mine over and used bigger needles the second time. I like the guage a bit looser with the BWA. While in Florida I ripped it down a couple of times because we were talking too much. I am now almost done with the back. I shortened it by 1" because I am so short waisted and now I will work it until it is finished! I like the pattern a lot. Good job picking it out! It is not another damn sweater (keep repeating this) it will be awesome and COOL!