Sunday, December 30, 2007

A friend, a steek, and some knitting

This is my friend Robin. She is no longer a steek virgin. That's right, 2 days before the end of 2007, she cut her steek on her beautiful Dale sweater, and she's smiling. And she didn't even need a shot of alcohol before she took the first snip. This sweater is going to be so pretty and she has done a beautiful job. She has the armhole steeks to cut, the sleeves to put in and the neck and front facings to knit. Not much left. She is also working on a shawl which is now being bound off. Some FOs are in her not so distant future. She had two visits to my small shop called the yarn room and didn't pass out in horror or look at me as if I was insane. I think she was just being nice. She did come bearing gifts - 2 running books I wanted to borrow.

Today was a lazy day. Knitting with Robin, reading, watching TV and knitting. Ordering Chinese food, and then knitting. I am trying to stick with the two projects of each type plan. Sweater number one is the hoodie. I have knit 48 rows, but I am not back to where I started from, nor am I back to where Leanne the Purple Princess is. She is probably way ahead, because she had a long plane ride to Florida to spend some knitting time. Though, I am wondering about her gauge, because I am on the needles the pattern calls for, and I am usually one needle size down from her. But I have been the ripper, not her.

Number two is a two color Kauni that I put up on needles this weekend. If this turns out how I think it will, it should be a work of art. But it is slow knitting because I have 258 stitches per row. Right now the colors look too Christmasy, I can't wait until the blues and the purples come out of the balls.

I bought yarn today. I admit it. For two fair isle projects. I've got that bug again.

The most pressing thing right now is should I go to work tomorrow or stay home? Hmm, if I go, I will take Friday off. If I stay home, I have two days left of vacation. Hmm. I'll sleep on it.

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