Saturday, December 29, 2007

A new Day

I can't find it in me to be witty or amusing this morning. Maybe because it's early, and I stayed up too late last night re-knitting a completely ripped out sweater. Maybe it's because it's just so cold outside and my computer sits by two windows, which I love. And I normally watch the sunrise, which I am doing right now, but I can tell by the color of the sky that it is colder than normal. It feels like one of those days that you just want to stay inside and be warm. Drink the warm drink, knit, or curl up with a good book or good movie, in comfy clothes, and just not venture out.

I know a part of my lack of wittiness is due to the fact that DH's second cousin died yesterday. This is a big deal for my husband. This man was my husband's father's buddy. DH's father died 10 1/2 years ago. DH would go hunting every year with Don. He didn't go this year, partly because there was a screw-up with the tags, and partly because I was on a knitting retreat in Buena Vista. I told DH to go, but he said don't worry about it. Now there won't be a next year.

And I know how that goes, because I have always been the Queen of Next Years. Wait until I pass the bar, wait until we move from California, wait until I retire.... Makes you think, doesn't it, because, you don't always get that next year.

So, I'm not witty today. I'm going to have a day of selfish knitting. I'm going to start some organizing, because this house is an utter mess. I'm going to hug my kids and DH. And I'm going to finish watching the sunrise.

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