Friday, December 14, 2007

Last day...

It's four in the morning, okay make that quarter to five in the morning, but I have been up since four, walking around the house, digging through tubs in the yarn room, winding yarn. Four, why you say?

First of all, I think I woke up so early was that I was expecting to see snow, and since I have major running around to do today with having to drop the boys off at school, get to my physical, get to work, meet the girls to knit at lunch, back out on the road to get the girls picture taken (mammogram), I just did not want to see a lot of snow, and if was there I better start shoveling. And it's not snowing. Hmm, being the weather nerd I am - I love the Weather Channel and Weather Stories, I'm going to have to check out local on the eights and see if they lied, or if this storm is going to hit later. Oh, it's snowing in Barrow, Alaska, doesn't help me here.

Second, I am used to waking up early, although lately, I just haven't wanted to. (I am trying to cast on a sweater as I type this, and it is just not working too well as I am trying to cast on in pattern). Okay, I don't need to be casting on a sweater, but it is the last hurrah sweater, the last sweater cast on in my 40s. So this baby is being cast on today, I didn't even buy new yarn - that's why I was digging through the tubs, I KNEW that I had something suitable and I did. 1320 yards of Blackwater Abbey in the blue, I can't remember the name right now, will check the color card, but Marilyn, if this turns out like I think, you are so going to want this for your shows (smile). Cute, modern, fitted hoodie. Cables, buttons. It's a great pattern - wish it was mine.

Okay, back to the weather, oh 22 degrees and they still say snow. I just walked to the front door and looked out, hmm, nothing.

Pictures, I think I have one. Let's cast on a few more stitches while I look, where am I 66 - stitches? Found the color card, okay what color is this, would help if I didn't only have the one light on, hmm, it looks like Bluestack. I wonder how fast I can knit this? I need to finish DH's too. Decisions, decisions. Thank goodness I did not commit to any Christmas knitting!

Here's the picture. That is my new Della Q knitting bag. Isn't it nice? I like it because it goes great with my mainly black, boring work attire. The knitting is some chunky Misty Alpaca that I turned into a real cute hat out of one ball.

I'm so hungry. Can't eat until after my physical because of the cholesterol test. I'm thinking french fries.

Well, I am going to finish casting this baby on, knit a few rows, and then start the morning. Enjoy. Less than 24 hours until I'm a half century old!

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Anonymous said...

9:00 a.m. - It's snowwing now!! Have a super happy birthday-eve! Sharon