Sunday, December 02, 2007

I surrender

Okay, there is no way it is going to happen. I finished the back of DH's sweater and had to rip out 30 or more rows of the front because I wasn't paying attention and didn't decrease 16 stitches. So there is no way this baby will be done by the 6th.

Finished FOs - let's see, the back of the sweater, one sock, and one scarf. Pretty pitiful pickings I am afraid. There has been too much knitting on too many projects for any of them to be finished. I think December might be a good finishing month. We saw see...

I lost most of today for knitting because I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a migraine. It's been a while since this girl has lost her cookies, but this one was so bad, it happened. I still have some pain floating around my head, but nothing like this morning. My doctor had wanted me to go 2 weeks without headache medicine to try to get rid of the rebounds, but I only made it 4 days. Oh well, tomorrow I start over.

Well, I have 2 cuffs to cast on, and not much desire to knit right now. Have a good night.
P.S. Like the new slippers? They are so comfortable, and of course the sheep are adorable!

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