Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I knit in public.

I like to knit on public transportation. Granted, it sometimes gets hard to hold everything on your lap. Take this morning for instance. It was snowing, so the bus had more riders, as did the train. I had my purse, my knitting bag, and a plastic grocery bag with DH's Black Water Abbey pullover in it. Why not in the knitting bag? It was too full of other projects that I needed for the class I'm teaching tonight at String.

Anyway, I had some yarn I needed to wind from the sleeve I ripped out. So winding and balancing things, and trying not to have too much body contact with the person sharing the seat with me was interesting. Add in the fact that I had a bulky long coat on, as did he, and there was less space to sit. The poor guy got elbowed a couple of times, and I did apologize though he never responded.

I did get the yarn wound. I also managed to add four rows to the back of the pullover. The thing is - I'm thinking I want to get this done in a week. Is this possible, or am I just insane? You see, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, so it would have to be knit, blocked and sewn together on the 5th, so I can put it under the stocking (you put out stockings for St. Nicholas the night of the 5th, and if you are good you find something in them the next day). I still have both sleeves to knit and about 40 rows on the front and back. I'm thinking I may be kidding myself. Ya think?

We shall see....

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