Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yard work, yawn work, and Yarn

Oh my, today was just one of the prettiest days and being Saturday, of course, chores were high on the list. If you don't live in Colorado, you just don't really know how blue a sky is. I think it's something about being over a mile high, you are just closer to it. I don't know. All I know is we have this amazing Colorado blue sky. So as I was driving back from the allergist with my littlest one (I got the shot, not him) I thought, what a great day - a good day to work in the yard. The roses need their winter whacking back, there's leaves everywhere, the butterfly bushes and sage need to be cut back, and let's not even think about the sea oats. I think there is still stuff that should have been cut back last fall. The lilacs have taken over the other side of the yard. So out I went. I lasted about two hours, any more and my arms start to itch from the dried stuff I'm ripping out or whacking back. Then of course, I had to make a leave pile for the littlest one. Here here is after a running long jump. My baby.

Then off to lunch with the boys at NoNos. Their idea, but who am I to say no to blackened catfish and a glass of crisp white wine.

Then there was yawn work. Laundry. Okay, granted you can throw a load in and walk away, but it's a boring chore, and then I have to walk upstairs with the folded items and put them away. Also, another yawn is Lady Eleanor. Oh I so want this done. I am on tier 40. 40 entrelac tiers and still counting. I have a little over 3 balls left. Do I see light at the end of the tunnel? Small, very small, just a pinprick but it is there.

Yarn. I cast something new on. (Stop laughing!) I'm not saying what, but I LOVE THIS YARN!!!! I have never used it before, and I am in love. I will be designing something in this yarn at a future date. The yarn is Melosa fingering from Lamas Punas. Handpainted yarns from South America. 100% merino. It has the feel of Malabrigo, but it is fingering weight. Oh my, just like butter. I am so loving this yarn.

I was a single mom today, DH had to work, so no knitting at the LYS, or Borders, sorry Nachaele, missed your phone call. I am going to sit down to knit now. Okay, okay, back to Lady Eleanor. I think I need some Halloween candy to put me in the mood. I'll leave you with some pictures:
Me with the cast on Kerry cardigan at game four of the World Series. See the glove? As usual, we were in foul ball territory, but not one came our way.
DH and I at the game.


Joanne said...

I have a skein of Lanas Puras Melosa in the color Fig in my stash for a pair of socks. Nice!

Have you tried the Malabrigo laceweight yet? I feels nice, but I haven't cast on yet. It's down a bit in the queue.

Soft as butter? Is butter soft? *L*

Joanne said...

Thoughts you'd find this interesting:

Maria said...

Good grief! Kauni, Lady Eleanor, and Melosa. Great minds think alike!