Friday, November 02, 2007

Been a while

Okay, it has been a while since I have blogged, and I do have pictures to post, but alas, I am not at home, where the camera is. So you get the idea that I really should be doing something else right now (oh yeah – working) but oh well.

Let’s start with the Rockies. They lost. It was sad. DH and I were at game 4, which besides the loss was a lot of fun. I love fly overs so of course I loved seeing the fighter squadron buzz us after the National Anthem, which was sung by Trisha Yearwood – another plus because I have many of her CDs. The weather wasn’t bad, I knit THE WHOLE GAME! I decided not to knit on purple yarn, because that had not helped the Rockies, so I put up the Kerry Cardigan in some deep red, almost cranberry Black Water Abbey. Let me tell you, increasing 91 stitches evenly across a row while you are drinking beer, hopping up and down to scream for joy or hurl insults at Ramirez, Ortiz or Twinkle Toes, is not an easy task, but I managed it. But, they lost. Crap. Next year.

So knitting, what I have I worked on. A little on Kerry. But then, ah oh, I got sucked into stranded knitting. It’s not my fault. Cassidy asked me to finish a mitten class started by another instructor at String. It’s the stranded Corazon mittens. Well I looked at the pattern and thought, shoot, without the chart, it’s the same as the little son’s pirate mittens that haven’t been started, and a pair of Latvian mittens that I started during the winter. So out came both, along with little son’s pirate hat which is 2/3 done. So I am cruising on his mittens, and then pulled out the hat to work on it. And I went crap. Dumb A**. You reversed the colors. On the hat the skulls and cross bones were white with a blue background. I had made the skulls blue on the mittens. I showed them to the lunch bunch, and Kris in all her niceness told me I was clever. (I think that’s her code word for Dumb A**). Well, before class last night it was into the frog pond, rip it, rip it, and rip it. So now they are being knitted the way they should. Yes Leanne, I’m getting twice the pleasure of the yarn…..

Anyway, the class went well, 5 knitters having a good time, AJ and Steph, Ruth Ann, Sara, and man, I forgot, oh I remember Debbie. They are doing well, so the next class we will be doing the after thought thumb.

I have a lot of classes next week too, another mitten class, a mitered class, and a shawl class. Going to be busy. It’s looking like another beautiful day in God’s Country. Been up since 4:30AM, so I got to see the sun rise. Enjoy!

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Jakki said...

Oh, yeah, I'm hopeful for NEXT year! The World Series was a bit painful for me. The Red Sox were my original "favorite team" - since growing up in a town with one of their farm teams.

But, then I moved to Colorado and became an avid Rockies fan. Still am!

So even tho the Rocks didn't win, I couldn't feel completely bad about the Red Sox win.

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