Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm Back...

I am back from my vacation. Wow. It seemed to take forever to get here and now there is only two days left. We flew into Orlando and drove up to Lakeland, FL which is where my parents and one of my sisters lives. We got in late that Thursday night, the boys didn't sleep on the plane so of course they crashed in the car. The next day we went exploring around Lakeland. Here I am knitting (of course) on a statue of a gator (of course) in a nice park on a lake. There also was a beautiful garden there with numerous fountains and places to sit. It was chilly the first two days - in the 50s and 60s so of course every Floridian thought it was freezing. I thought it was nice.

The next day we drove back to Orlando and visited Sea World. The boys sure enjoyed the dolphin and whale shows. DH loved riding Kraken, a roller coaster that goes upside down. I just had fun. Here's the knitting with the boys by the Flamingos. We later checked into our hotel, where the youngest son had a fight with the coffee table and ended up with an awesome black eye. Yes we got looks, when people saw him. Today he is a beautiful shade of green and yellow - he is on the fading side now.

The next day we were off to visit the Magic Kingdom. We rode in the front of the monorail with the engineer, which was a hit with the boys. The oldest son wasn't that adventurous with the rides, the little one loved the Haunted Mansion and went on it three times, but the oldest would only go once. The Pirates of the Caribbean was a big hit, along with Peter Pan's Adventures, Small World and the Buzz Lightyear rides. Here's me and the boys along with the knitting, waiting for the character parade. As you can see, the weather was back up in the mid to high 70s which was really nice. Like the hair? Lovely humidity!

The next day was Epcot. Ah yes, they serve adult beverages there. Why not in the Magic Kingdom, parents need a break there too. So we visited the different countries, rode rides, looked at beautiful Dale sweaters in the shop at Norway, drank beer, margaritas, and enjoyed the day, but the legs and feet were getting tired of three non stop days in a row.
Next day, back to the Magic Kingdom. The crowds were insane, there were girls in tiaras everywhere from some beauty pageant I have never heard of. There was a lot of knitting while waiting in line. That night we went back to mom and dad's. My brother and his family and my sisters were there. It was a night of card playing, and margaritas. Yep, a good time.

This is where we went on Wednesday. Yes, it was nice, yes it was really warm (my kids and my niece and nephew were in the water swimming). Hard to believe, because when we got back to our car last night at the airport it was 19 degrees outside with snow on the ground. I looked for shells. Yes the knitting made the trip to Clearwater Beach too!

Thursday was Thanksgiving, a big family meal with football and cards and fun.
Friday morning I braved the crowds to do a little shopping, then that afternoon we were back on the road to Orlando to fly home.
What knitting was done? Nothing finished, but I knit about 20 mitered squares, worked on the little ones hat and mittens. Worked on a sock. Never touched DH's sock or the shawl, or the new Dale. Oh well, got another flight in a week and a half. More knitting time.
Well after getting the nails and the pedicure this morning, I'm back to chores, with some football and knitting to be thrown in. Have a great day! It's pretty out there, but cold!

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Sounds like a great time.