Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just Five Minutes

Not much time, but it’s all I have.

Too much is going on. I have to get ready for the family vacation, try to figure out what to bring since it will be warm. Pack clothes for the boys and double check their backpacks so they don’t try to bring a toy gun or a sword on the plane, no matter how “Cool” that would be. Make sure the neighbor girls know how to take care of Norton and Cochise. Go grocery shopping, do laundry.

Figure out what knitting is going along. I think I have the list whittled down to the Icarus Shawl, the little one’s pirate hat and mittens (I don’t care that he told me he now doesn’t like pirates!), DH’s socks, my cable socks, some beaded socks for an upcoming class, and a sweater. I think that should be enough. Okay, I know it’s way too much, but there will be lines when we visit Mickey Mouse, and knitting is visiting the Magic Kingdom too.

And I'm at work.

Speaking of socks, I ripped out my heel in the cabled socks three times. Normally this would ensure that the vile sock would be banished to the dungeon of unfinished socks in the yarn room, but I’m determined that this sucker will not piss me off four times in a row. In fact, this is going to be finished on the vacation, but then I still need to do the mate. Oh well.

Okay, my 5 minutes are up. Have a great day!

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