Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday already?

Where did this week go? It seemed to fly by (except when I was at work), wow, it's Sunday afternoon.

Taught a lot of classes this week. Wednesday was a stranded knitting mittens class. A group of friends had asked for this class, so off we went. Would have helped if I had double-checked the pattern and had them on size smaller needles for the cuffs, but all in all, I think they had a good time. We shall see tomorrow night when we meet for class 2.

Thursday was the modern quilt wrap class. Oh these are going to be so pretty, and so different. Everyones colors are different, and the tone of each changes as a new color is added in, 9 colors in all.

Yesterday was class 2 of Icarus. We are still in the boring stockinette section, but it slow going for one. I think she is a good knitter, but is letting the lace defeat her. I had her walk around the store and take a break before going back to it.

What about me? I was working on the cabled socks, but after turning the heel, decided to rip back and do it again. Picked up DH's Black Red Rocks pullover this morning and put some rows on it. The little son decided he didn't like pirates and doesn't want his hat and mittens. There are new socks to be cast on, shawls and sweaters screaming for me to pick them up. There's other things that need attention, and projects to be picked for the Florida trip.

But I'm tired, I have a rebound headache from yesterday's migraine and I'm just drained. So like it or not, the boys are lying down for a nap in a half hour (after the Bronco game), just like mom. DH is at a memorial service for a fellow agent who was killed when an IED exploded under his vehicle in Iraq this past week. Sucks.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

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