Monday, December 03, 2007

Off to the Windy City

A day trip. A quick fly in and out of the Windy City. I am going to my buddy's retirement lunch. My best bud from work, another attorney from Chicago that I became fast friends with after a walk on a beach during a lightning storm in Miami. (No one said attorneys have common sense!)

I miss him. We traveled a lot together, teaching updates in the law to agents. Terry is such a class act, I love him to death. You know, they say, a friend is someone who can see through you and still enjoys the show. That's us. We can say absolutely anything to each other and never think badly of the other person. We are buds.

So I am off to Chicago for his party tomorrow. I am going to relax, knit on the plane, have a cocktail or two and enjoy the day. I know I will be talking at the lunch, and I will do my darnest not to cry, but I probably will.

So DH's sleeves will be joining me, along with another yet to be determined project. And if I have enough time, I'll be stopping at Loopy Yarns on State Street, a shop I like to visit when I am in the Windy City. No time, I'm afraid for some good Chicago pizza. Hmm, next time.

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