Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My back’s against the wall.

I fly out tomorrow. Is the grey shawl finished? No. The knitting is done. My internal time clock is WAY off with the recent time change, so when I woke up this morning at 3 AM, there was nothing else to do, but to knit as fast as my fingers could move. Which I did, in the yarn room, (which miraculously had enough room for me to sit down and knit - that's another story), praying that I had enough yarn to finish this baby. Then I got to the bind off. Now I’m thinking, don’t do it Kathy, just bind it off and get the thing in wool wash so you are not bringing a damp, smells like a wet, dirty dog, wool shawl on the airplane tomorrow. Don’t you realize YOU HAVE TO BLOCK THIS THING NOW??? Do I listen to myself, oh no. I have to be Ms. Perfectionist. We don’t want a normal bind off; we want a nice elastic, bind off with no discernable stitches along the edge. So of course that means the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind off. So I grab a Chibi, cut a 19 foot, yes 19 foot tail, and start the bind off. And I bound off, pulling that length of tail through every stitch. Am I finished binding off? No. Is the shawl blocked? No. Can I work on it tonight? No, I have to pack and take the boys trick or treating. DO I wish I was anywhere else than my desk at work, and could continue with my bind off? Yes. Am I starting to feel like I am running out of time? OH YES! Is this girl going to drink some alcohol on that plane tomorrow? Stupid question – YES!

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Joanne said...

Alcohol on the plane? You've earned it!!