Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What is it about knitting that you meet the nicest people?

We had a discussion about this last night at the LYS, because our significant others just don’t get why we go to the store to knit. It’s because of friends. Friends that come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Friends who just like to knit socks, those who are new to knitting and are willing to try anything, friends who know so much about our craft of choice that they will forget more than you can ever learn in a lifetime. Friends who just make you smile when they walk in the door of the shop. Friends who are going through a hard time. Friends who make you laugh so hard that your face hurts, or you snort your drink up your nose. Friends who were very quiet and reserved when you first met them, and then you find out that they have a wicked sense of humor and can make you laugh hysterically when they describe how to use a Nastapena to wind yarn. Friends who make you rip. Friends who will join you on knitting trips. Friends you have met through blogs.

And they all appreciate your abilities, your unfinished, and your finished objects. Knitting just attracts the nicest people. To all my friends, thank you.



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Leanne said...

That is so true, that is why I drive 35 miles to Higlands Ranch in 5:00 rush hour traffic and drive home late, in the dark. It is just to see you, because you are my friend and a great knitting teacher with fun class participants, Diane you know who you are!


Sharon said...

You are SO right! It feels like you're hanging out with your family, and doubles as group therapy! Where else can you get so much support, friendship, and sometimes even a finished object. And here's a thank you from me to Leanne for bringing me into the fold and introducing me to all you wonderful people.

Kris said...

WU-WHOOOO!! Way to go Kathy! Where would I be if you and Denise weren't so PERSISTENT in getting me to come and knit with you. Boy am I glad I did. I look forward to Stitches East in less than a month, but I doubt I'll have 4 FO's!! I'm just happy I'm going.

Joanne said...

Friends who make you laugh so hard that... you snort your drink up your nose.

I'd pay good money to see that!!

See you on the cruise, my friend. We are going to have a blast.

Diane said...

I finally am reading your blog Kathy and it is so true about knitting and the friends you make it has been get getting to know you and I do enjoy your classes and your teaching style (even though I have not finished a project yet)....

And Leanne I saw your comment and I love when you come and knit with us.