Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is it fall?

How do you tell that it is fall? Of course, you have your obvious signs, the lovely red, orange and yellow leaves, the glorious sunsets,, the crisp “sweater weather days.” Football games. Today the boys and I saw enough leaves on the ground to rake up and jump in. Maybe we could combine some leaf jumping with our “pajama walks” who knows?

For me, there are a couple of signs. One is the first bloody nose of the season, and luckily it usually happens while you are taking a shower. At 5,390 feet it sure gets dry here and your nose pays the price, along with chapped lips and dry hands.

The second sign for me is knitting on anything, and you don’t get hot with it sitting on your lap. I was riding the lightrail into work this morning, kntting on my wrap out of Black Water Abbey worsted weight, and noticed that even though I had my jacket zipped up, and lots of knitted work on my lap, I wasn’t uncomfortable. Yep – it’s fall. Time to break out the sweaters.

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