Monday, October 02, 2006

There's just not enough time....

It's October already. Where did the summer go? And Stitches East is a month away. How did this happen? Surely I had all the time in the world to knit beautiful things that I was going to wear in Baltimore. Are they done? NO!!!!!! So I have to attempt to be realistic and choose a few items that I can knit on. Now some of you are laughing at this because you have some idea of the size of my stash, and that there is no way that I could possibly enumerate how many projects I have on needles. Yes, I have start"itis." I love to see what a new yarn or pattern does. I like the smell and the feel of new wool. I have been asked to leave many people my stash in my will.

Oh, and to add to the mix, I start studying for the Colorado Bar this month so I can get licensed here. (Nasty Colorado Bar examiners, no reciprocity for California attorneys!)

I will attempt to finish these items before November 1: 1. My Cheryl Oberle shawl in a beautiful silvery grey Black Water Abbey wool. 2. My swallowtail shawl in gorgeous purple cashmere. 3. My twisted sisters sweater in a nice slubby cotton, and 4. is yet to be named.

Now I will have to cast on a new sweater this month, because I'm teaching a "Knit a Dale Sweater in a Year" class at Highlands Ranch String (

Can she complete the task? Or is it Mission Impossible?


Joanne said...

You can do it. Piece of cake!

Can I get in on the "leave me in your will group"? *L*

Good luck with the bar exam. You'll ace that, too.

anne said...

if not, she can disguise herself in her moth shawl and stun everyone with its beauty!