Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm back!

I am back and I am tired and much poorer than I was before I went to Stitches East.

First of all, let’s start with the grey shawl. I am happy to say that it was finished and packed for the trip. And boy is it nice. I wore it on Friday and received many nice compliments. While walking through the Stitches market I was stopped by several knitters who asked me about it. I directed them over to Marilyn’s booth, Black Water Abbey Yarns. I don’t know how many bought yarn, but I think the booth did well. I bought a beautiful shawl stick pin that goes great with the grey yarn.

Well, let’s start with day one - Thursday. We attended the opening and were wowed by Kaffee Fassett. Needless to say, his combinations of colors, both in quilting and knitting are remarkable. He’s quite a speaker, very much at ease in front of a crowd, and was very responsive to questions. Later that day I attended a labyrinth knitting class with Debbie Neu. Let’s just say, I have no idea how this woman’s mind works, but oh my goodness, are the end results wonderful. Don’t ever expect me to knit a teacup or boat, but I will someday attempt to design a sweater using her techniques.

Later that day was the market. I was approximately 10th in line (no surprise there). And I was the first at the Socks that Rock booth. I needed to buy 4 skeins by request, and I wanted to obtain them before they sold out. Let me tell you, walking by the booth on Saturday showed very slim pickings. I bought 6 different colorways, and yesterday my boys picked 2 for mommy to keep. So the 4 of you out there can figure out which one is going home with you. What else was purchased at market? Several patterns for ideas for upcoming classes. Lace weight of course for 2 shawls. Cashmere from Australia. Like butter folks. This is for 2 scarves. An alpaca teddy bear for the yarn room. 2 knitting bags. An outfit from Great Yarns. Wait until you see this one. Some ribbon yarn for a sleeveless top. There is more, I just can't remember right now.

And I bought software. My husband has been after me to put the ideas down, so here we go. Now if I could just find the time.

More tomorrow…..

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Joanne said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your gray shawl. I do like Marilyn's laceweight yarn. I, too, took Debbie New's labyrinth class and was wowed by her. What a mind! I actually came away from her class thinking that I, too, could knit like her. She's very inspiring!